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Fast. I'll be right back, America's stay tuned. Join now by the poet lorina do you hear a show? Hello, Joe. Hello, Hugh. I have a little Christmas tale for you this week. It was grandpa's final Christmas. He had his favorite chair. I saw him try to smile, but it was more a weakened stare. Grandpa was a handyman. There's nothing he couldn't fix. He loved his German Shepherd dogs. I think that he had 6. But age and sensibility at last have had their say and he couldn't get a 7th when the last prince passed away. The first one was as white as snow. His nose was long and pink, his scowl had the power to have made Jack London blink. What kind of present can you give this question bears repeating to a life that's at its limit and adjust that's barely beating? And what are presents anyway of what are they a part of a something for your closet or something for your heart? Well, my sister had the answer. There, I finally said it. She's such a lovely person, but I rarely give her credit. The look upon his face, I haven't seen before or since when he opened up that figurine which looked so much like prince. A picture in my memory, I will forever see his best friend was alive again. Oh yes, so was he? It was such a magic moment. I hope that you all live one. I hope you get a gift like that. I hope you get to give one. That's grandpa's presence by tarzana Joe. That's grand, Joe. I only heard half of it because after you mentioned prince, I thought of my grandfather's dog Bruno. Yeah, like 7 dogs. They were all Bruno. They just kept naming them Bruno. And so it was very easy on the grandkids, but you're right. That is magnificent, and it was your sister's present idea. I want to give a credit. No, I take no credit. I actually have to, for all the goods. I want everyone to go find that. It turns out Joe dot com. That's the best ad for the tarzana Joe poetry writing business you've ever given, Joe. Oh, well, thank you. But next week, there may be even a better one. Well, this one can be red. It turns out that Joe dot com and if you want to order up one, go to tarzana joint Reagan dot com and send him a missive grandpa's present will be hard to duplicate though. Joe, well done. Thank you. Welcome back America. You do it. Josh mandel former state treasurer in Ohio is running for Senate in Ohio. His Twitter account is Josh mandel, Ohio. Good morning, Josh, how are you? Good morning, you doing well. Do I recall correctly you're a marine in Afghanistan? I did two tours in Iraq. Okay. So this is still an irrelevant question, but I knew you did two tours. I thought one was in Afghanistan. This morning at The Wall Street Journal, it's reported that more than 60,000 Afghan interpreters and others who have applied for visas to seek shelter have been left behind a total of 62,000 Afghans are believed to have been left behind the State Department official said your reaction Josh mandel. Well, the Biden administration has sent a message to every country on this planet. And every person in that country that America, unfortunately, at least under a Biden type administration is not one is not one that can be trusted as a partner. And it's said that we left all these interpreters who went out there and risked their lives with marines and soldiers doing patrols left and behind. And he when I was in the Marine Corps, we used this system called the bat system. Biometric system where we would scan the iris eyeballs and the faces, facial recognition of the we call mims military age males. So whether they were friends or foes, we'd scan them would be out in patrols or new checkpoints. And then a big database. In addition to Biden leaving all the salt weapons and humvees and night vision goggles and helicopters behind, he also left behind that database view. And it's now in the hands of the Taliban. And so the Taliban is literally using that database as a kill list to go hunt down the very exact interpreters you're mentioning and anyone else who helped Americans. I mean, it is, I think Joe Biden will go down as one of not the worst commanders in chief of the U.S. Military in American history..

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