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Drill team in high school. Nuff said my partner is jennifer kalari. Jennifer will be along in just a minute. Jennifer is licensed. So whatever happens you know if there's a lawsuit pending we can all handle it here. We can handle any eventuality. This is the show where we talk about mental health issues with comedians with entertainers of all kinds of people in the arts and we practice mental health skills because mental health contrary to popular belief is a practice. It is a topic but it's a practice you'll know when people are practicing because the world will look different people will be Not doing what they're doing now in other words so mental health is a practice so we we learned skills and jennifer has some amazing ones some great ones and some very simple ones because mental health is it. It's a simple practice but it's not something that we're taught about and it's not something that we we often do and there's always an opportunity to do it like right now. I could take breath. That would be a mental health practice. But i won't because i've had seventeen cups of coffee. There's a few things upfront. We wanna talk about on today's show. We're really lucky this this guy. I've always had a a warm spot for this. This young man. And i will call him a young man. I'm his great-grandfather. This gentleman has one of the world's most popular podcasts and creative along with our friend. Dave anthony and it's called the dollop and his name is gareth reynolds and gareth Known for so many years knew him when he first got the town and was with the comedy. Team of evan and gareth. Evan man gareth reynolds great comedian. Great stand up writer actor and now host of world famous podcasts. So gareth will be joining us shortly to talk about all kinds of things including my personal shame personal space. How do you get it. What do you do with it. Silence as a life skill. We have too much noise and is there a way to get silence. And what do you do with it when you have it. Because if you're like me you fill it in with noise or with movies from the seventies and then faith. What kind of faith do you have. And i'm not talking about religion. I'm talking about connection to spirit. Faith okay so we'll talk about those kind of things we always do. Emotional shouts welcoming and people whatever emotional state they're in here are emotional shouts.

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