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Today are incredibly sophisticated and in some ways similar space suits but not identical and i also mentioned a couple of materials in that previous episode like nomex but didn't really go into detail about what that is so nomex is a proprietary material that the company dupont developed in the nineteen sixties ended it similar in many ways to nylon but it's a little more rigid and most importantly it is fire and heat resistant. So it's been used in uniforms outfits meant for all sorts of folks who are in dangerous environments and situations like race car drivers Firefighters and astronauts. No mix is a polymer which is a type of long chain molecule where you have the same repeated units chained together over and over and over again but it's a special kind of polymer it's called an aromatic polyamide polymer and you might think that means. This fabric must smell mice. But it's not that kind of romantic and chemistry. Aromatic means that the molecules in the chain connect as a series of rings rather than as a straight line of atoms that are chained together and the word polyamide means that these strings of molecules connect together to form chains of these chains and the molecular structure of nomex makes it a fairly tough material in fact. Kevlar which was also developed by dupont is a type of aromatic polyamide. Although it is a many ways very different from nomex but shares some of the same molecular structural components so nomex has some interesting properties. One is that nomex will burn if it is exposed to heat source. You know there's oxygen and all that comes if the triangle is there no mex- will burn but if it is removed from the heat source. The nomex will just stop burning. Thus it is is flame-resistant is not flame proof. But his flame-resistant also. It doesn't conduct heat very well so a suit of nomex can serve as a layer of protection against heat as. Let's get back to our story. So as i mentioned in our last episode on this situation on the subject i should say the space suits developed for the gemini or jimmy project were intended to serve as a sort of stopgap for the early part of the apollo program. There were planned missions that would test various elements of the apollo spacecraft and the launch vehicles in space suits and all that stuff and some of the early ones would not involve going beyond the orbit or exiting the capsule so in other words the apollo program while the goal was to get to the moon. It's not like we were supposed to be aiming straight for the moon right at the get go. It was all in stages so that we could learn more use what we learned to build upon that and then continue from there so the a one c spacesuit which was based off the jimmy or jim ni- three c. Model suit was to serve for this. I block of apollo missions also known as block one. Now i think i might have said that was based off the g. four c suit in monday's episode. And if i did that's totally a mistake on my part that's on me. The g. foresee suit was the jim suit that was designed for astronauts to go on spacewalks on extravehicular activities or v as the g. Three c suit had fewer layers of the g. four and was slightly more maneuverable as a result that and it was only intended to be used inside a spacecraft. It wasn't rated to be used outside so the a one. C was similar in design to that g three c the original first mission had the designation of a s two. Oh four and it was supposed to see gus grissom who had actually played a really big part in the development of space suits and ed white and roger chaffee test the apollo capsule in earth orbit emission..

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