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One doubles and one hundred eight. Rbi's he finished tied for first in the american league with david ortiz for the most intentional walks with fifteen and for the most for the second time in his career he also led the league in double plays batting into twenty six of those that season. Guerrero one d twenty sixteen american league silver slugger for first baseman his seven silver slugger award overall and third at first base. He was one of thirteen major leaguers to have won seven or more silver sluggers since the award was introduced in nineteen eighty. Twenty seventeen back elements and sniff a stiffness plagued cabrera throughout that twenty seventeen season beginning with the world baseball classic on april twenty. Second he was placed on a ten day. I l due to a right groin strain. And he was activated on may second hit his four hundred fiftieth career. Home run that night. On on june second cabrera recorded his one thousand career. Extra base. Hit becoming the thirty ninth player in major league history to reach that milestone on july twentieth cabrera recorded his sixteen hundred career. Rbi becoming thirty six player in major league history to reach that plateau as well. He ended up leaving in august twelfth game versus the twins. Due to some lower back stiffness and miss the next two games on august twenty fourth cabrera got into an altercation with yankees catcher and future teammate. Austin romaine at the plate triggering a benches clearing brawl in both players were ejected on the twenty fifth. Cabrera was suspended for seven games for his role in the brawl. He started serving his suspension on september. Second after it reduced to six games on appeal on september twenty four th cabrera was diagnosed with two herniated discs in his back a condition that he is likely played. He'd likely played through the entire season manager. Brad osman and the tigers did not think the issue would require off season surgery. Cabrera finish the twenty seven season with a career. Low two forty nine batting average a career. Low three ninety nine slugging percentage while hitting only sixteen home runs and sixty. Rbi in a hundred and thirty games on may fourth of two thousand eighteen. Cabrera was pleased on the ten day disabled list due to right hamstring strain on june twelfth. Cabrera suffered a left bicep injury after swinging and immediately left the game. He suffered a ruptured a rupture in his left. Biceps tendon requiring surgery and put them out of action for the remainder of the twenty eighteen season. He finished the twenty eighteen season with a two ninety. Nine average three home runs and twenty to thirty games and then twenty nine. Nine injury issues continued to plague and he started with it started with knee issues in two thousand nineteen which the tigers had which had the tigers moving him do it fulltime designated hitter role by early june. He hit two eighty two for the year with twelve. Home runs and fifty nine. Rbi's in one hundred thirty nine games. He slugged only three ninety eight which is the lowest of his career and twenty twenty on august. Twenty ninth of twenty twenty. Actually cabrera collected three hits in a doubleheader against the minnesota twins passing former tiger. Charlie get gangrene your for fiftieth. All time on the mlb lists hit list with two thousand eight hundred forty one. This made cabrera one of only sixteen major league players to place in the top fifty. All time for hits home runs and rbi. On august thirtieth against the twins cabrera recorded his two thousand career hit as tiger becoming the eighth tiger to reach the milestone for the twenty twenty season. Cabrera hit a hill. He really only hit two fifty which is the second lowest batting average of his career yet. Eight three twenty nine four seventeen to finish out his slash line with a team leading ten home runs and thirty five. Rbi in fifty seven games and it looks like we're gonna be finishing with megi right here and then afterwards will go and talk more about that two thousand and three marlin season right after this segment but eight twenty twenty one on april first specifically with a home run in his first at bat. Twenty twenty one season cabrera became the second tiger to record three hundred and fifty home runs and two thousand hits with the team following alkaline line on april eleventh cabrera was placed on the ten day. I l with a left biceps strain. He was activated off the.

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