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Please stick around for the interview and today's conversation? Kyle hines was recorded on video and is available for you to watch on my youtube channel. The link is the description of today's podcast episode. So please tap the link it over there and hit me with a subscribe and obviously the entire basketball community was rocked by the untimely death of Kobe. Bryant this past Monday. They held a huge celebration of life for the late basketball legend and his thirteen year old daughter who died in the helicopter crash. It is definitely something that forces us to take a look at our own mortality and realize that there is nobody. That's exempt from death here. We had a guy like Kobe. Bryant was in great shape had a ton of money in the bank fame fortune but in the end. None of that stuff truly matters or can prevent you from your date with destiny. What does matter is the impact you have on other people especially your children. That is the true legacy that we all have. That will be leaving behind. I believe Dana. White said it best when I had him on the podcast a few months ago. He said that when it's all said and done and you laying there in that box the only legacy you have is what your kids stand up there and have to say about you as a father and Friday on the podcast here. We're GONNA have a dad. Who was all too familiar with? How fast life can be taken away? Former navy seal. Jp donell joins before refresh frogman Friday edition of first place followed and next week. I'm going to be hit you guys with three episodes so please follow me on Instagram ally on the school as to find out who will be joining me here and as always guys please help me. Spread the word about this podcast. Every father in your neighborhood or in your contact list. Let them know about the show that celebrates Fatherhood Family Life Fatherhood rocks family values rule and every day is father's Day right here with me. I'm going to be right back with four time..

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