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Wonderful friend and just delightful partner in time jesse jackson. How're you doing jesse. I am good. You know we're we're here to talk about the real thing yes year we're going to buy the world a coke and talk about the sixth doctor. Yes drinking my cook. Right now is Trying to break up some of the crowd. That's my lungs because hey symbicort is the worst. But you guys. Don't care about that but hopefully you do care about that here. Episode to seventeen weird talking the mysterious planet earth aka parts one through four of the trial of a time lord which was a fourteen part serial that essentially serves as colin baker last season as the six dr sadly his second and final season and this was written by robert holmes who wrote some great episodes euro spearhead from space pyramids of mars brain of more bs. The deadly assassin caves of andrews. Johnny the two doctors and more and joining us thankfully for this wonderful four-part event as we're going to go through the entire trial of a time lord season see all of season twenty three from the classic era joining us from the five ish. Fan girls podcast and gold standard. The oscars podcast please. Everyone welcome back to next up everywhere. Rachel friend hi. Rachel you doing. I am good. It's so long since i've talked to you like a whole now. Yeah i know spends along thank you so much for coming back on the really appreciate it and i'm sure just does to looking for all you do say six. Dr mike i there. Are those the magic words just here. Yep six dr putting up three times like six. Dr six dr six dr. Yeah or carriages. Carriages characters order nicely done see. This is one of the reasons. I was very glad to have rachel board. Because she is a resident six dr aficionado. I love all the doctors. So i love colin baker as well but but i think rachel has a special place in her heart for certain colin baker radio. I know you've been on before when you were wonderful to come on and talk vengeance of varos with us with me. But i don't think jesse was there for that one if i recall correctly i don't think so. Yeah so i think it was just you and is so. Would you mind reminding everybody Y you love the sixth doctor so much he you know i just had someone else asked me this question and i struggled then i still have. Now it's just it's just one of those things where it's like you know. Why do people love chocolate. Or why do people love cats or you know you know just happened. I do people a fishing. It's just you know it's just one of those things. The oh yeah you come across something in your life and it just kind of hits he at a spot that you're like i love this and i want this to be part of my existence for now and all of eternity.

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