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Jackets cap off a six game homestand tonight. Versus New Jersey CJ take on the devils at seven jackets two and three in their last. Five games at nationwide arena. They shut out the Golden Knights one. Nothing on Monday night CJ. Converting on just fifteen percent of their power play opportunities jackets winger Pierre. Luc do boss says they need to fix that issue in Oregon chess socks. That's fine. I mean. When you look at it the power play success score or not, but we're gonna chances we're gonna momentum. The blue jackets had to Philadelphia on Saturday night in college football, the Ohio bobcats beat San Diego State twenty seven to nothing in the Frisco bowl. Three total touchdowns for Bob cats quarterback. Nathan work Marshall takes on south Florida tonight in the bad boy mowers Gasparilla bowl yesterday. Marked the start of the three-day early national signing period in college football OSU received fifteen letters of intent from players in the class of two thousand nineteen that includes ill-intentioned defensive lineman. Zach Harrison considered the top prospect from the state of Ohio also signing what the buckeyes Mr. Ohio football in two thousand eighteen Lexington. Linebacker cades Stover head coach Ryan day says he's thrilled with how the classes shaping up. We're very very excited about all the players that we signed. I think this class would rank top five nationally when greeting the individual players, not, you know, we don't lose a lot of seniors this year and so within the eighty-five scholarships. There's really not that many spots and limited room to the NBA the Cavaliers faulted the horn. One thousand nine in Charlotte. Cleveland heads to Toronto Friday versus the raptors and the Houston Rockets set an NBA record for most threes made in a single game. James harden, had six of the team's twenty six in their one thirty six one eighteen win over the Washington. Wizards from the central Ohio Honda dealers sports desk. Eric researcher, NewsRadio six ten WTVN..

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