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Investigation into this incident is ongoing. Once more information becomes available further communication Will be issued. The Wauwatosa Police Department is actively monitoring reported plans for demonstrations today. Sunday, August 9th, 2020 All city of Wauwatosa employees support the right to peacefully protest further incidents of vandalism or violent behavior will be dealt with. On a situation by situation. Basis. That situation wasn't a protest and it was never intended to be. As the terrorists ringleader posted in a Facebook live video earlier the afternoon of him and his followers buying toilet paper from a nearby target and inviting people to, in his words, join the convoy. The Officer Mensah's house. It was clear from the get go that the target was intimidation was property damage and hopefully Enough terror. That they could inflict a physical assault. In MENSA. They did. His girlfriend, whose name is being withheld to protect her identity is also a police officer. On Facebook yesterday morning, she posted pictures of the injuries she suffered. In the assault. Joseph and I were shot at today. Shot by cowards who were inches away from us. But miss they shot into my home. One gun was a shotgun. They physically attacked Joseph and I. They broke the windows to my house. They shot into my house, causing damage to the brick. You prove nothing today. Now I have to come up with the funds to replace your damages that proved nothing. You completely forgot with this movement is about there is a high volume of Children on that block that you could have harmed. I will still be returning to work to protect the community that I love. Though. For too long, the community that people like MENSA and his girlfriend protect in both Wauwatosa and Milwaukee and across the country, as evidenced by the riots that broke out in Chicago overnight. Despises the people that are simultaneously charged with protecting them but demonized As racist murderers. MENSA was targeted because he did indeed shooting kill three criminal suspects in the past five years. The first J. Anderson. Was reaching for a gun. The shooting was investigated multiple times by multiple agencies, including the Milwaukee Police Department. Milwaukee County District Attorney's office and the U. S attorney's office. Not a single investigation found that that shooting was improper. Illegal or unjustified. The following year, MENSA shot and killed a suspect along with another officer who is brandishing a sword at them. Once again multiple agencies investigated and determined that there was nothing improper about that shooting yet still Benson was called a murderer for doing his job. Then in February. Right before the lockdowns. There was a massive brawl at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa. Police officers, including Menzel were dispatched to the scene. A 17 year old by the name of Alvin Cole went into the mall brandishing a handgun, screaming bleep mall security bleep the police waving that gun around and threatening to shoot people with it. Eventually, Mentz and other officers Arrived on the scene They chased call out of the building when Cole reared back Looked at the officers and fired around at them. MENSA and the other officers opened fire. Returning the lethal force that Cole had shown them. And killed Cole. It's unclear how many people Joseph MENSA may have saved that day. At his story. Suddenly took on a dark and sinister turn. Not immediately, of course. Where it was treated as something of a novelty and Angered mostly Cole's family. Who is convinced for some reason that he did nothing wrong, even though all available evidence suggests that he was fully prepared to kill somebody at the mall that day, and indeed tried to kill officers who were pursuing him into the parking lot. But after the death of George Floyd Joseph MENSA became public enemy number one not just in Wauwatosa, not just in Southeast Wisconsin, not just in the state. But across the country, where Jay Z's ROC nation and the Jonas Brothers of all people called for him to be fired. Joseph MENSA became a symbol ofthe all that's wrong and policing. A rogue cop who is out killing black men Rarely does story even mentioned that MENSA himself is black..

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