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Finance ends Monday. Financing subject. Credit approval. Minimum Monthly payments quietly store for details. 10 10 W G. M Radio John Williams here, Kelly Leonard says hi in the next half hour, Nobody tells stories with the Chicago angle better than Kelly. He'll join us. After 10 30 in the 11 0 clock hour we visit with an investigative reporter from Propublica. It's another one of those. You won't believe what they're paying in Taxes story. This one is about Professional sports team owners, and it all starts with a guy named Bill Vac of the Chicago White Sox. We'll get to that. And the 11 o'clock hour. One of the note before we talk about your kids wearing a mask in school this fall. I guess I need to pay a little attention to this. Now that I got me a pick em up truck. You can't drive a pickup truck on lakeshore drive and reading the reddit thread about that, and it goes something like this. It's not a police priority, said one of the posters, whose handle is Chicago Underscore Bunny. But that's the crux of it, they wrote. I drove a truck in the city for a few years, including occasionally on Lake Shore Drive. I had only one incident at a stoplight next to a police car. The cop motion for me to roll down my window. I did. And he said something like you're not supposed to drive a truck on Lake Shore Drive. I wanted you to know that in case you do it in front of an officer who cares? If you're just driving with an empty bed. Odds are very slight that you'll get stopped. More important. If you park your pickup truck on the street. Make sure your neighborhood allows truck parking parking enforcement will absolutely nail you. I got to look into that. Or hide the truck. Or maybe I'll just park it somewhere else. I'm not sure. But I have to figure that out because that is my route of choice. 10 12 now on W G. M. Steve Alexander sent me a note. This is, uh, a post from what was the source on this. Steve Washington Post. CDC says students vaccinated against the coronavirus can go masculine in the fall. Students vaccinated against the virus can go masculine in the fall. Some state schools Have already lifted the mask mandates the Center for Disease Control, said students who had Who have not had coronavirus vaccines should continue to wear face coverings. The much awaited guidance follows the opening a vaccine eligibility and the spring to anyone 12 and older. But it also arrives after some states and school systems have gone their own way, lifting the mask mandates and forging ahead with plans for highly anticipated school year that is weeks away. Friend Tracy, who's a school board members, you know, and she said, Let the battle begin or something like that, Uh, We're all very comfortable with the masks. Up to the point that they said You don't have to wear the Mass and now nobody wants to wear the mask. I get it, and I'm in those. I'm in. Both groups don't want to wear it anymore. So happy that I don't have to That's because I've been vaccinated in the adult population in Illinois is 70%. But our kids are not So it's kind of like time travel for your child. They aren't living in July of 2021. They're living in January of 2021. They're living in mask land and when they go back to school Their school may tell them that since not enough of them are vaccinated. They have to wear the masks. Not sure what the teacher's responsibility there will be. I know that the Chicago public schools to pull the article up in just a second here. Well, it's right over here. Stand by. I got it. Um This is from the Tribune. Their editorial 341,000 students in the Chicago public School system, only 50,012 and older have been vaccinated. So far, the teachers union has called for 80%. Of age eligible students to be vaccinated by October, so the union wants the kids to be 80% vaccinated. Well, good luck to all of us on that. So what do you want your kid to do when they go back to school this this fall. Do you want to wearing a mask? You want all their colleagues wearing a mask? If or if not, your kid has been vaccinated. I'm interested in your input on that. And in a minute, we'll talk to Katherine, who wrote an op ed in the Tribune about this. She has pretty strong opinions. I'll bet you do 23129817 200. This is your turn to call.

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