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I thought I knew what to call those little wooden figures with movable arms and legs that are controlled by strings from someone above them sort of like Pinocchio was originally meant to be before he came to life. We call that a puppet right, actually, technically. No. It's a Marian. It a puppet is by definition of small-scale figure usually with a cloth body in a hollow head that fits over. And is moved by the hand also known as the ventriloquist's, dummy, Jerry Lewis and lamb chops. Come to mind or Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen. And of course, miss piggy, Kermit, and all the other Muppets, these are puppets. Technically, speaking killer. And something new every day, it seems I learned this from a piece by Marvin Alaska game he was citing a remark by British psychiatrists name. Theodore dalrymple lead written a book titled. Life at the bottom and dalrymple rights listening as I do every day to the accounts people give of their lives. I am struck by the very small part in them, which they ascribe to their own efforts choices and actions. They described themselves as marionettes of helplessness. Now what exactly does he mean by that? Well, Marvin Alaska called to mind the Virginia Tech killer. According to some sources, he just blew it wasn't really his responsibility. He was troubled. He had issues maybe as Representative Jim Moran. Virginia charge. It's President Bush's fault. It seems no one had the responsibility to help a young man who had written hyper-violent plays and poems been declared mentally ill. By a judge said, Marvin Alinsky. Set a fire in his room. And so on throw this soon after the multiple murders ahead of Virginia Tech's campus counseling center held a press conference and suggested the problem was inadequate funding for mental health services in the United States. So now, we know, but no one it seems is willing to ascribe actions like this to evil choices made by individuals and to the presence of human evil. I think the operative term though, in that paragraph by Marvin Alaska is no one had the responsibility. Professor dalrymple went on to give some examples. One killer, for example, said of the murder he committed the knife went in. If he had nothing to do with it. A thief who broke into churches, stole their silver objects, and then burn the churches down to destroy the evidence said the problem was the churches had poor security and valuable objects. The combination was impossible to resist and other troubled person said my head needs sorting out from this. This is where doctor Dr good saw the idea that people see themselves as marionettes controlled by streams that direct their actions. They can't help themselves if they stole your property. It's your fault for not locking it up. Now, this is a very old idea in philosophy has a name. It's called determinism determinism is the philosophical idea that every event including human cognition and behavior decision and action is causally determined by an unbroken chain of prior occurrences. In other words, every single thing that happens is caused and if that chain of cause that leads you to this point, and there's no other way to go determinism. May also be defined. They say is the thesis that there is at any instant exactly one possible. The one physically possible future. So it basically means is just going to happen because of the sequence of things that takes place. Now, why is determined as attractive to anyone as opposed to being able to say, hey, under direct my life? I make my choices. I'll take my responsibility. Why would they want this? Because of this magic phrase. It's not my fault. It wasn't my fault. I didn't do it. It just happened. And it gives us a chance to get free of guilt and not be bound bogged down by it. Consider the day when Moses came down from Mount Sinai carrying the stone tablets with the ten commandments on them. Now, you talk about something that's going to put the pressure on people. Here comes Moses as he approached the camp heard riotous noises, and I he thought it was something battle going down down there and Joshua said, no I hear singing, and when he got to the place he saw the scene. He was absolutely appalled. He found the people dancing around a golden calf. It's only a little later. We learned that the people were dancing naked and only through archaeology and history that we learned that calf worship involved naked orgies as well as child sacrifice, and this was the direction everything was going at the foot of Mount Sinai, allegedly because Moses was gone little longer than anybody thought he ought to be gone. Now, the confrontation of Moses with Aaron who had been in charge while he was gone. Is really interesting. It's an exodus chapter thirty two burst. Twenty-one Moses said to Aaron. What did these people do to you that you brought so greatest CNN up on them? My Moses must have thought well, the people tortured him the people backed him into a corner, they held a knife to his throat. What did they do to you to make you do this? Aaron said, let not the anger of my Lord wax hot. You know, the people, you know, they're set on mischief for they said to me make us. God's will go before us ask for this. Moses, the man that brought us up out of the land of Egypt. We don't know what's become of him. Now mind, you Moses hadn't even been gone forty days when he started taking place. Aaron said, well, I said to them who whoever has any gold and break it off. So they gave it to me. Then I cast that gold into the fire and there came out this calf. Moses face must have been a real study about this time. To have his own brother, the high priest of the Lord's stand there look him in the face and say, well, not through the golden there and out came this calf. Erin, refused to accept any responsibility for what he had done. And here's the story a little earlier in the chapter where it tells us, what exactly did happen all the people broke off the golden earrings in their ears, and they brought them to Aaron he received them at their hand and fashioned it with a graving tool after he had made it a molten calf. Who aaron? They made a molten calf. Aaron got out his graving tool and began to work on the thing. And they said, these are your God's will Israel that brought you out of the land of Egypt. And when I saw it he built an offer before it and Aaron made a proclamation and said tomorrow is a feast of the Lord. Erin, even pronounced God's blessing on what they were doing. How do you explain this sequence of events and the the denial utter denial of responsibility on errands part? Now, I don't wanna suggested errands at different from anybody else because candidly, most of us are quite willing to do exactly the same thing mistakes were made we'll say we don't say I made a mistake. I screwed up. I was wrong. It was my fault Tono mistakes were made or well stuff happens. And so on he goes, and, you know, I find myself fascinated here so much of what shall I? Call it justification of evil coming from intelligent educated people who instead of owning up to and facing the fact of evil the fact that a person a human being made evil choices bad decisions for which he should be held responsible. I hear. Hear them going around looking for every excuse under the sun to blame society to blame the educational system to blame the federal government to blame one political party or another for what has happened here. Instead of blaming themselves blaming the person who did it and accepting the fact that somebody made a choice that was evil. But we see it all the time. And I wonder what is the appeal of determinism? I would think the dignity of man would lead us to want to be responsible. And as long as things are going. Well, men are happy to take credit for it. And the incredible salaries that follow they're also happy to take those. But when things go sour they suddenly become determinist. They say out came this calf to miracle. It's amazing. I don't know how it happened just happened yet as long as they're make doing well and things are on the up. They are happy to say look what this management technique of ours has accomplished. Well, men high and low like to plead the innocence of inevitability, but evil is not inevitable. It is a matter of choice. Marvin Alaska chose a really interesting illustration of this. And I'll tell you what it is. But I grab a pencil and a piece of paper, I have an important offer for you. And then.

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