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A golf. Is one curious sport. You think you get it rolling and then all of a sudden it's gone and that's true for even the pros. There's good days and bad days. Let's bring in now. One of my favorite guys do golf with it. Is kyle the superintendent for the eaten country club kyle. How are we doing this morning. Great sunshine in golf. Yeah i love it man. The course out there is looking great at the eaton country club. Obviously you guys gotta tournament coming up. Saturday that i'm going to go make a fool out of myself on but those those long extra hours really pay off when the course starts look it is up there at eating right now. Isn't it yet is. This is this time of year. you know. Put a lot of hard working in the spring and summer to kinda get it to start peaking right now so Really happy with the way. Things are going so looking forward to the member member tournament. This weekend Should be should be a great donald. Glad i'm just on the sidelines watching this time no good. Hey baby i got a chance to go in and do something. Somebody else can win some money win the tournament. Because when you're out there kyle. Everybody was looking up the leaderboard of human. Everyone's like and kyle. I want to talk about the open championship. First of all. What really drives me crazy about this. Tournament is is it. The open is at the british open is at the open championship. Why are there so many different damn names for this tournament. You know we have coversation this morning our little morning meeting with my staff and we don't know when this when this change there's still the british open to me but i guess i call the open championship now. I don't really quite know where that came from. It's so there's no it's not. There's no different aims for the super bowl or whatever name so the nba finals but This tournament here You never know what what people are going to call it now. It's it's definitely an interesting tournament These guys have to get over Taking place of course arose royal. Saint george's golf club over in england. These guys have to be over there for a couple of weeks ahead of time just adjusting to sleep schedule. These guys are teed off and what would be two. Am our time. Yeah you know the really cool thing about this. Tournament is the leading up to you. Have the irish open in the scottish. Open the two weekends prior to the. So you'll see a lot of the big names will start going over the week. Prior weeks prior to get some practice rounds in and get some their feel and on some links golf courses and adjusted to the time so The status open last weekend was Was a fantastic fantastic tournament You know we call this time of year The coffee call season where you can get up early on saturday sunday. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down and watch some Some different golf. I really enjoy the links style courses that they get to play And it really kinda affects some of the bigger names differently you By not getting the perfect balance the perfect role every single time well in for those birth listeners. Out there who don't know the difference between link style and and what i guess we can call it traditional normal american style of golf course. What does that mean kyle. You got a couple of hours. The science of it but the the basics of it. Yeah you know you get a lot more rolling hills bigger. Big greens A lot of pot bunkers which are deep small bunkers. That are you know very keen on hard to get out of and then a lot of You know not so much. Bluegrass rough like we have here in the states. But more fescue and Gorse on the you know in the rep as opposed to manicured manicured rough that we have here so You know it's a lot lot more wind and really use the wind to kinda help protect the golf course Out over there right. That weight is always howling. And that's what's so fascinating to watch how those guys adjust to it because a slight breeze comes up and all of a sudden where i thought i was going. The ball is going completely different but that happens when there's no wind as well. I'm just bet golfer. The win gives a. Can we blame to win when flown. There's an excuse there. yeah. I don't know why that one forty feet to the right. Kyle going into this right you know. The the the sport of golf right now has something that i don't know and maybe you can correct me if i'm wrong. I don't know if it's ever had they've got two guys who genuinely don't like each other with brooks kapka and bryson to shambo in that in and of itself no matter where they're at on the leaderboard at least going into it. There seems to be a quote a soundbite that is always being played back from one of those who you like that for the game of golf or not so much. I think it's great talking about you. Know in publicity is listening. I guess But i think fantastic. We haven't seen this in golfing along with well. I don't know if ever Dating back to you know you know maybe the seventies with arnold and inject something along those lines but they were a little more cordial but I think it's great. It's very entertaining. i'm just dying for the day that they get paired together Hopefully on a sunday in a major When the last you know they're the last group out because that would just be. I mean the ratings on that would be fantastic. Oh yeah no doubt. I don't know if brooks play with him. He said he would. I don't think he would but at that point. I don't think he really has has any options. We're talking with the kyle. Maira the superintendent of the country club talking about the open championship And kyle who. Who did you like coming into this tournament. Who think this style of course Painters to maybe a little bit more. You know i. I really do not like these shambo. Was i definitely did not have any On him i think his is then talent and ability to handle Crazy bounces in an unlucky Golf is was going to get in his way and it showed today with his Over par score. But i really speak going into it. I thought he was a little underrated He's been playing pretty good as of late. And i liked the victor hololens as well So couple of guys that are in this in the hunt for keeping you watch them this weekend. Yeah jordan species sitting in second right now behind lose as in With a with a sixty five today for jordan speed so he's wrapped up his round already. Five hundred to go there and that it's the vicar hoaglund like you said to He's sitting there with two under so couple pretty good scores from a couple of guys. I should've text you before. I made my picks You know. I think brooks koepka i just like brooks i like the way that he What he brings to the game but for some reason i just my gut was telling me rory mcilroy might just come out there and he birdies the first hole and now he's over through.

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