Senate, President Trump, FDA discussed on At Home with Gary Sullivan


News Radio, I'm John Jeffries house and Senate back in session is lawmakers try to resolve a government shutdown. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said today productive discussions are continuing between democratic leaders and the White House minority leader Chuck Schumer said the Democrats are ready to talk. We are willing to continue discussions on those proposals. With the leader the president, the speaker of the house and the leader of the house all five or necessary to get something done. Vice President Mike Pence and other key administration. Officials are said to be taking part in closed door negotiations with top Democrats in an effort to reach a deal. The federal government shutdown is being blamed on a deadlock over a spending Bill that includes funding for a proposed wall on the US border with Mexico. The Senate did not have the sixty votes needed to pass the funding Bill because all forty nine Democrats are opposed to the border wall. President Trump says he hopes partial government shutdown won't last long country nights are returning to the board. Underline bar and grill in California after the deadly mass shooting. It's weekly country night was held Thursday night at the canyon club in Agoura hills. Many survivors of the November massacre as well as relatives of the twelve victims who lost their lives came to show their support. The growing memorial has been moved outside the border line bar. The FDA is alerting parents caregivers and healthcare workers about the dangers to infants posed by teething, necklaces, and bracelets. Mark Mayfield reports amber would marble and silicone necklaces can cause strangulation choking and infection in babies and infants FDA Commissioner.

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