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A. Okay. The voice of the community. Call in four four eight nine two two seven zero three. It was never seen before the break is in. I don't like to feed them. I don't like saying that the battle is lost before we even started fighting say like, well, you know, white folk so evil therefore, I can't do anything. I don't understand because that takes away all agency. It takes away all ability that you personally have to affect the future of yourself of your community of your family. So to say that it's all controlled by outside forces, it neutered, people it makes people feel that they have no ability or no. No stake in the game. You just kinda you're on a boat floating in a on a C, and you're just at the mercy of the currents and the mercy of the winds and the ties in the waves. Now, give me a or give me a rudder. Let me control where I'm going myself Gomez to the phone lines. We got Tim from Philly on line three, Tim. Hey, how are you? Hey, man. I I thought I was going to one and done that. That's pretty smart, man. The most powerful on the university's your mind where you think it makes you go into action. I got my Trump hat. I drive a truck. So in a little town. I thought that had on math see how they'd be waving get out of jail free card. They'll come up and start hugging. Your stuff. They are amazed. I'm to keep one with you at all time. It is. I don't care what you support him or not get you that hat as for safety. That's like having a bulletproof vest on. Yeah. Man. I mean, it is powerful and down, you know, once to get back into the inner city where the liberals at I put a democrat because you'll get Lynch in air to city with their hat on. Don't look it's called, you know, my my sister's in the military he's an army. So it talked about situational awareness. You gotta know where you're at what's going on around you who's around you, and how to fit in in whatever crowd your wolf. So I understand completely. Hey, check this out make a real quick. I think a lot of us psychologically, constipated is the way we think so what you do is set them to the side and let him get unconsummated. We really don't have time for that. That last conversation only thing only thing difference between analog and digital digital really works because analog back in the day. They brainwashing. Digital being brainwashed. But digital so powerful eight only have to do nothing. You do is put wrong dot on the air. And people fall for it light digital cooling dealing with the comedians and stuff, man. It's a non factor. I think we're too saturated with entertainment Dylan in these times, dealing with cat nam, let them fall to the wayside my own personal belief that the real the real kickoff is gonna get down from the from the grounds up people under contract just point blank down the contract reason why they do what they do because they really don't see their money. That's I don't understand. If you boy is number one why you even going heating muster. And I play chess. Why you even going back, which even talking to cat if you did number one comedian you making their money why you me talking he should have one of his pockets talking. So then let me know that kept flashing and talking about they got what they got. I don't think they out to me. I don't think they have it because they was they will be out in the open doing more all that day talking about when talking about nothing what you're talking about. You know? For for me. I'll have time to be a I or a puppy for someone. I think that's the problem. Now, we are to cut up dealing with. I'm date star the stars because they fall a lot quicker now. So you know, you know, what you're talking about. We need to hit the ground and get it going and the wants to call in psychologically, constipated, put it to the side and get them something. So they could be on constipated. Thank you, my friend. Thank you so much for that part of it is just a let's put it this way. Have you ever watched life from the eighties and nineties you noticed every cast they'll have these clicks, basically. So it'll be, you know, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Tim meadows. The nets clinical Bill will Ferrell and Molly, Shannon and Tina Fey Zona so forth. Eighty sambergen his lonely island. Click those folks, but the funny thing is with them instead of them arguing and fighting and tearing each other down they just ride together flight thirty forty years, so Adam Sandler still making movies for net flicks. And guess who's in the movie for net flicks, Tim meadows and David Spade? And that whole crew rob Snyder and all of them. So when one of them eats, they bring the rest alone to eat with them that makes sure that nobody stars. Because you never know when your day is going to be that you're the one on the bottom and the other one's the one on the top. So instead of starting these beliefs and trying to destroy and tear down each other. You get your crew together. I'll keep making money from now on and then bring another generation behind you. Everybody eats doesn't know food to go around. Don't try to pull it all to yourself going back to the phone lines. And try to get one more call him. We've got Chuck online for Chuck. Hey, how you doing? Well, how are you? Quick. Okay. When I look at the to me, it's like almost to me is if it is effort to stay relevant. It doesn't make sense to me. But a lot of these people aren't as funny as they believe them to be they do get breaks for me as a black man out here. I believe this close your mouth you work for you know. Keeping you down. They will have the power to say. But after the wedding last night shot after the wedding Saudi. Hello. Don't like each other. However. Where they see exactly what they're inner to be. I've never seen so meeting Mercedes. Let's. They spend their money. Which is somehow some way that. Instead of relying on ego can put us up because when they snatched rug out from funders. Anyway, I appreciate it. I mean. Man that just makes makes my blood pressure. Go on because you can't look at yourself if being a nation. All right. Thank you so much about the defeatism point. I think a big part of it is that we we have this thing about not teaching black, folks. Actual black history. Open on this kick for like five years now. But just the fact that we only teach, you know, the the sedentary parts of black resistance, the sit in and singing and all these waiting for somebody to bring us freedom. We don't teach the parts of our history both here and the rest of the diaspora about us fighting and killing and chopping heads off and burning stuff up to get freedom. Because when you teach that you give people this idea of their actions have a have a their actions create agency, what they do is what creates the result, not what somebody has given or has bequeath or has decided to bestow upon you. So you come from a people from group where you say, well, my free, I'm free because my people fought and died for it. You have a whole different mindset than the people who say, well, I'm free because a nice white man in a hat may be free. And that's the narrative they tried to teach black folks in America that your freedom is the result of the. Benevolence of white people. They don't tell you about anything to happen from seventeen seventy four through eighteen fifty seven day-old tell you about the fugitive slave laws in the Kansas Nebraska, at the Missouri compromise, they don't tell you about slave revolts down Tabei, NAT Turner, John Brown, the stone or rebel. They tell you nothing about all that because they just want you to think what to sit and wait as smile and hope that is what they teach you. And that's why you have so many people at the defeatist attitude of well, the white band already got this locked up. So I guess I'll just sit and wait and hope and things ain't no point in fighting. He already one already, and that's just not the attitude that I have about things I don't think anyone else's more special in the eyes of God than me. I don't think anyone else has any other kind of magical powers that we're not bestowed upon me. I think the just as the as gay folks could pull themselves up for being a second class citizenship classification. Twenty years ago to being the top of politics. Now, just at the Jewish community went from the ghettos of the northeast being a political and economic force just as the Talibans and the Arabs and the Persians and everybody else has been able to do it. I don't think there's anything especially damned about the black community that prevents us from having those those things sorts of outcomes other than I change in mindset. I don't know what side of the political spectrum that falls down on by no falls down right here. We gotta do it. Because nobody's coming to save us. We're gonna be sitting around waiting for somebody to come help. And we'll be under that Gulch. They'll take that goats. They'll dig it out. They'll throw all in a cover it up and put a building on it. That's what will happen. If we keep waiting on people to come save us as opposed to being at the participants in our own liberation. That's the most important thing we have to understand being an at the participant and your own liberation. We're going to go back to the phone lines after the break. Call four zero four eight nine two two seven zero three news and talk thirteen eighty W.

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