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Sports Time with BK. And you about the new GM Seems like a nice guy. You guys. New Broncos general Manager George Payton has a number of Things Highness to do list, including figure out the team's playing for both Von Miller and Justine Simons. But Miss Peyton was introduced yesterday. The player most people want to know about, including Logan and Luis was quarterback to lock here's Peyton on K Away, telling David Rick what he thinks of the Broncos Young, several caller know first and foremost, I want to come to my own conclusion, and then when we get in the meetings, I'll listen. No. What's What's this kid's background like work ethic? All the intangible stuff that you can't see on tape and a little I know of Drew and I spoke with him The other day is he's hungry, and he wants to be great. You know, he's talented. Hey, can really throw the ball. But you know, like most young quarterbacks, you know he's up and down, So you know, we want to give him everything he can to succeed, and I just look forward to meeting them and watch them work this offseason. Hopefully, if we have an off season program, you can hear all that. And are you okay? Await news, radio dot com Nicole Yokels dropped 27 points of Snatch 12 rebounds as Nuggets roll past the thunder last night at Ball Arena. 1 19 1 on one But Joe Curson Post game it was a 48 points from his teammates off the bench that sparked the wind. That's what we need from banging on just that energy. Now, I said, I think they want us to be in the second quarter because BP car just started his energy to so they need. Tito held that every night. You know that's gonna help us a lot. Denver now seven and seven, like to go over 500 for the first time, all year in Phoenix against the Suns on Friday. Yeah, jumped out to a 30 lead wind goals from a pair of new abs players Brandon Saad and Devon takes on the media, right. Then scored the third one to hold on to a three to win in L. A last night against the King's Nathan MacKinnon recorded his 5/100 career point on the assist Amico. He's just the fourth as player hit that Mark, Colorado. Not too and one of the young season try to get the three in one when they go further win Number three in a row. Tomorrow night is a skate again at Staples with the King's We've got to you men's hoops tonight, Right here on K Away. They play at Washington looking for win number five in a row. Freedom Coverage starts at 6 30 tip off at seven and CSU Men last night fall. 83 64, Utah state, snapping their four game winning streak bag. You have won 11 in a row sit atop the Mountain West standing. So Marty's Randall, get another shot at them. Tomorrow night in Utah that sports I'm bringing Crystal in killing his radio on the Broncos bobs and rock carry news. Ready Your.

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