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How's the governor doing well? Oh, I think he's doing. But how how did that in the neutral portion of the media think he's doing Ninety-three WABC? Rub. Kendall rub Kimmel show. Thanks for joining us. Follow me on Twitter at Robin KENDALL. Adam ran of important Ville politico back with us for another segment. All right. This is a pretty stinging loss for Holcomb this week. Right. I mean, the hate crimes Bill basically goes down in the Senate. He comes out and says, I'm not giving up. It's rare for a governor of the party that has super majorities for that party. Not to give him what he wants, right? Yeah. When you talk to strategists, although to be fair Mitch Daniels, but it heads frequently with the legislature. So did my Pence even though he enjoyed majorities in both houses of the legislature. But when you talk to strategists, and you talk with even some Republicans about how this crimes Bill unfolded this week, they are sort of shaking their head and raising their eyebrows about Holcomb. I mean, he mentioned that this was a huge priority. He went all around the state before session talking about it. He talked about it in a state of the state address. But didn't testify this week and committee. It would have been rare for him to do. But other other governors have taken a minute to testify bills that they believe in. So we didn't do that you would expect that maybe he'd be spending the weekend, you know, whipping votes in the house, but he's actually headed to Washington DC for the national governors association meeting, well where he'll meet with Trump and vice president Pence. So I'm really is sort of confused about how he's going to get a protective list of classes back into this Bill just doesn't seem to happen. And he said that he prefers that you wonder if his political capital is gonna take take a hit after the session because he sort of exposed another number of Republican lawmakers people in his own party to this this political battle that they didn't necessarily want. And if he's he's not going to lead on this issue by whipping votes in by twisting arms. You wonder where he goes next? Does he want it? So bad. I mean, look at this is what this is reasonable people can disagree, and I'm fine with that. But these arguments that they put out there like it's going to be great for business. We'll Amazon didn't go to New York because they had a hate crimes law. They went because they've got a helicopter pad at why is he putting so much effort into this one of the distinctive things that makes Indianapolis Indianapolis is how strong of sort of a civic civic engagement, we have among the business community people like Mark Miles people like, you know, lily, the company these these companies are really civically minded, and it's really important to them to make Indianapolis a place that they think is attractive to people on the coast to people nationwide in their mind day think that talking point Indiana's one of five states nationwide without a hate crimes Bill. They think that talking point is really damaging. And so I think you have some Republicans who just wanted to make that talking point go. Away. And they're willing to have a Bill that that doesn't protected classes in it too. They think that'll solve the problem. But I don't think it will. I think that that people will continue to talk about us state. In an unfavorable way. Until this issue is resolved. I do think that both houses are perhaps more conservative than Indianapolis. Indianapolis is a different place. It's not it's not Indiana in some ways. Yeah. It's Marion county is a is a is a blue a sea of blue and a red red state. And so you have these lawmakers who represent all parts of the state come to Indianapolis every year year in and year out, and they can't get this hate crimes legislation done. And you've seen overwhelmed overwhelmingly Marion county Centric push around the Trump's spill. But in other parts of the state. It's just there's not an appetite for it. Adam ran of important Bill. So politico, our guest, we're talking to liberal governor Holcomb, so it's anecdotal right at this point because nobody's really paying attention or thinking about twenty twenty yet. But you got the teachers that are upset with him. You've got you've got the medical cannabis people that are upset with him over over his defiance on that issue. You've got people that are upset within the conservatives. Now over hate crimes. You've got people like me that are mad about the taxes. Is there a coalition an anti Holcomb coalition do and how big is it? I don't know that there's an anti Holcomb coalition at least not for my reporting. But I do think that most people on the Repub. Inside into some extended democratic side. Even though they kind of saber rattling from time to time. I think that most people generally have the impression that he's doing a fine job as serviceable serviceable job. He seems to be popular. But on on an issue like this. It's it's perplexing to me. Because this was kind of his job when he worked for Mitch Daniels was to sort of keep people in line to talk to lawmakers to do kind of the political stuff. It seems like he would be good at that. But we're not seeing evidence of that right now on this particular issue, Adam ran from import villa? So politico, our guest how big issues this Indy. Eleven soccer stadium. It's been an issue sort of like the hate crimes Bill that's gone in and out of the legislature for you know, four or five years, I think it's an economic development issue. I've I've spent time profiling or saw Azdamirova owner he is not shy about asking for a subsidy. Whether it's for one of his apartment complexes or a new stadium. I think this is an opportunity people see it as of sort of bringing Indianapolis into the twenty first century in his sportingly. We're we're a great sports city. We've sort of built our reputation on that. And, you know, adding a venue like this could really I think based as nationally, but you know, people are fed up with billionaires millionaires asking for subsidies. So it'll be interesting to see if that if that happened. Well, could you hear well, it was look soils taxpayer-funded and bankers life has taxpayer-funded. But Lucas oil was so poorly taxpayer funded that they had to tax people in the Donut counties to pay for Lucas oil. And I I just see it happening again. Yeah. I mean, the talking point that they will try it out on this one. Is that no taxpayer dollars are used? No, existing tax dollars are us. You only pay for this. If you if you go to games and go to the stadium. So, you know, that's that's interesting to think about but the big question for me about this Bill, and I've reached out to Major League Soccer to ask them is there. There's a provision in the Bill that would essentially prevent any of this from happening unless India Levin made it into the Major League Soccer within two years major league soccer's trying to expand. But we lost out to cities like Nashville to cities like Cincinnati just a couple of years ago in their last expansion effort. So it will be interesting to see if if this happens or doesn't happen. What are you working on now with important villain politico right now well on following p Buddha judge his presidential campaign? I have planned scope fun to follow a candidate around. I think it is. I think it is. I don't I'm not an imbed. So I don't like go multiple events each day, I kind of swoop in and out for a few days at a time. But I plan to go to Iowa and cover him. I was really the whole ballgame for him. He's he's been in New Hampshire. He's been in South Carolina. But he's his campaign. Really? Sees Iowa's sort of like. An Indiana, and they think he can perform well there. What is well for him to win Iowa the win. He could catch fire in Iowa. But I I really don't think he'll probably be in the top three candidates. But you know, a respectable not last-place finish would be a victory for him. I think Adam random politico an important Bill. Thank you as always, my friend. My pleasure to be with you ninety three WABC throughout Kimball show prepared to sign a Bill rate. Weightless Trump wall. Order emergency. Securities is not an emergency. Let me repeat that sex.

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