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With quantification like that so yet you between this and the previous podcast i did with you where we just covered a host of stuff we i know we really to wait we take a deep dive in a water yet last showed i did with you so for those you listening and just go to the shown us for this episode a link to that one we only scratch the surface of the countess of the doctor backed talks about so all linked to his staff over a ben greenfield than its dot com slash back to now it's back the number to be c k two and i will also have been taken some notes and all put links everything from like the the tuning forks and the rubber mao we talked about two of the books and the research by dr revealed she that the doctor beck mentioned the the different labs that he talked about and then also tom the resources anything else the doctor back sends me after this episode i'll i'll put in there for you guys in addition to that if you've comments you've questions feedback that's the best place to do it go to bed angry told them as dot com slash back to its b c k the number two and just leave your comments other other anthony our i will jump in an in replied we have to say and in the meantime anthony thanks so much for coming on a showman you're always a wealth of information i'll man in and i love doing it you're you're one of my absolute favorite shirt doing it right and i send people to listen to you all the time you're you're one of two two folks that really you know just have people go dealy we all on principle there and um and that's the whole thing man is is ye it's it's really super important for people to look at them at any goals one but then do it right not just one thing at a time and realize that your environment is is is everything were at all comes from you know it's the the air we breathe in how you breathe right and you've had people on for that all away from you know in ohio.

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