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A head coach at the high school level now so she can work that into being a college assistant coach as a position coach and then move away up to a college coordinator and then move on nfl staff and then move into an nfl head coaching job the thought that fifteen years there's going to be a woman coaching in the nfl's head coach to me is patently absurd now the comments to that that's because colleges are closing the door to qualified women that's what i got from somebody so i asked them back can you list me the qualified women who are getting blocked out by these colleges crickets it's okay if you're running a site near the football girl and you're right a piece and you say yeah i think in fifteen years is going to be an nfl head coach that's a woman but i just ask you if you're going to write a piece like that can we at least have a little bit of substance to it can we have a slight bit of substance to it because just saying it doesn't make it true by the way in the nfl does sometimes saying it does make it true reuben foster has had his nfl career taken away from him he hasn't been able to go to work all because of false accusations that were made against him false accusations that have been completely recanted in front of a judge and as of this morning i have not heard of reuben foster being having his career reinstatement i am anti domestic violence i don't know anybody who's for it i hear that from people why i'm anti this well i don't know anybody who's for it but i will say this i'm also anti a man or woman or whoever having their livelihood it's taken away from them based on an accusation that admittedly now in front of a judge we're false accusations that were made in order to destroy a man and ruin his career a woman who knew that a.

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