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Of survivor. David versus Goliath. My name is Mike bloom like the three tries. We are three people come together to see what chaos may ensue as we discuss the pivotal merge. Episode of survivor, David versus Goliath. I let me welcome in my number one ally with a bullet who I would always tell if she was going home ahead of time Liana Boris Liana. You want to come behind this tree for a second. Oh, well, not for that type of proposition. But thank you, Mike. Yeah. I realized that soon as I said it much like survivor your words can get you in trouble, depending on the way you deliver things at. Yeah. By would I grabbed my stuff and walk straight to Ponderosa? If I said that in the game. Yeah. Right now, I quit. I'll pull a B's knee and just go home. But I promise I won't for you under the bus at tribal. Oh, that's good. See you you love me. But you don't have a funny way of showing it. Unlike elissa. Lita, but we are so happy to be joined for this very special merge episode by a star or Callo Kalo if you will in her own, right. You can check her out on the air wolf podcast off book and improvised musical podcast as well. As a slew of other podcasts out there in the general atmosphere, and she is a huge survivor fan in her own, right? Jess mckenna. Welcome to the BNB. How you doing my gosh? That was so good Kalo. Oh, man. I'm great. Thanks for having me. I I apologize. I didn't want to come off as too much of a know it all by knowing what Kalo Kalo means it carves? You're listening to this. And you haven't turned out yet. My apologies, man. Oh my gosh. I'm starting to get a little sensitive to like every woman being bossy or no at all. I was like guys just because like the language used for women in this episode was like. Even though I was like really girl. Well, before before we get into David versus Goliath. Jess, I would love if you wanna give for those who that might not know you just a basic intro on yourself. But also when you started watching survivor, and what has kept you invested in show. So many seasons. Yes. So I'm a actor and improviser in Los Angeles who has a podcast where my partner Zachary known, I plus.

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