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My name is victorian. I am the executive director for african youth initiative network ham from uganda and my solvable is work had an end civil wars in africa awfully in my lifetime so our guest. This week is quite a remarkable person. Victory was the first ugandan and the youngest ever african to be nominated for the nobel peace prize that was four his human rights work. He's basically a peace builder. Working in parts of the world where peace is most needed there are fifty four countries in africa and despite a long history of colonialism and the newer and potentially even more deadly reality of of climate chaos banney african nations are managing to flourish today though our solvable is fifteen african countries that are currently involved loved wars. Victor knows firsthand what it's like to come up in a war zone having spent the first twenty years of his life as a refugee he he was one of the three million people displaced by the civil war that has raged through uganda since one thousand nine hundred eighty s that conflict has now spread to the neighboring countries. The trees outside sudan the central african republic and congo victory was born in one thousand nine hundred eighty one during the ugandan civil war period. When many different rebel groups were facing and then in one thousand nine hundred seven he was only six series old on a particular rebel groups sprang up in northern uganda where he he lived with his family a group that became notorious worldwide they call themselves the lord's resistance army the l. r. a. and the l. or a grew increasingly violent against civilians abducting and killing tens of thousands of innocent people in northern uganda and utilizing many any others their brutality against children was particularly severe they would abduct children and force them to kill making them into child soldiers stories that was one of their hallmarks in two thousand and three victor's own brother o'meara was abducted by rebels. The family suspect o'meara was forced become a soldier and sadly. They never saw him again. Victor's life has been dedicated to his community and other victims of terror and conflict ktar namely by founding the african youth initiative network. Even as a thirteen year old he instinctively chose to fight for peace when manny around around him despaired and took up weapons today his organization works to treat both physical and emotional wounds and advocates a leadership that always chooses peace. You'll hear how in this conversation with jacob weisberg. It's a little longer than usual episode of solvable because victor story three is one that we just don't get here last if at all especially told first hand and with such grace victor what is a the problem of civil war in violent conflict in africa right now the problem of civil war lance enough right now is manifested in in mass movement refugee crises all over the continent how you've seen <unk> media the young people dying dying trying to escape from africa to the mediterranean sea seen <unk> outbreak of preventable diseases which escalate escalate and becomes more disasters because you monetize caught up in the struggled for survival. They can't afford to care for their on scene and increased death. You know to civil war. We ever seen a lot of xenophobic attack. In south africa. You know this the continent the search alleged so much mike dumps of conflict related movement that <unk> to martin sean tribal differences ethnic conflict and so much wrangled over properties and in so many ways not sure it is continues to be difficult to manage because humanity cottam fighting. What are the major awards in africa right now and how many people are affected how many people died in those wars and how many people die in our made refugees as a result of us wars to even look at it a bit <hes> backend history now steady as always saw that after every twenty s must atrocities pins in africa especially in the great lakes. We've seen the windows of nineteen sixties nineteen seventies nineteen eighties nine hundred nineties island is when we got the run genocide <hes> trust is in duffel in <hes> in congo in northern uganda population went through civil civil war over twenty years and central africa of mali somalia falling apart so if you look more as the great lakes region we are in that window right now wind of possible mass atrocities so we have continued to see the instability in somalia malia the al shabaab conflict of course eight the international community the african union walking towards tried to pacify somalia as opposed to the government but still it's a big challenging civil war that continues to to to evoke nautilus amalia battles so the entire region and <hes> west. We're seeing right. Now is the continued conflict in d._r._c. Unfortunately congress people have been looted west of the west in life rich nations such vast potential the congresspeople never seen a moment of this at all and you wonder how long the score but also we're seeing in different countries in the region that ugandan rebel groups in congo the a._t._f. Being massacred manali is linked now to isis and they'll do goodman within east africa live in southern african countries and this is growing up to be a potential disaster conflict but of course you're aware of what's going south. Sudan last five years has been so vicious that hundreds of thousands of died millions displaced hi. I'm from northern in uganda where we do not walk to support post conflict recovery but also this the region that currently ost of a one point two million refugees from southbound from congo from central africa public. You can imagine the pressure. Administered has been through the world for over twenty years without so much now. It's condition. Condition is forced to austin idol million refugees so the pressure never stops so the conflict in south down in indiana see central african public malley is horrible straighten malaise not even getting better anymore and of course lever labia on the potential egypt exist assist struggling to stabilize in west africa of course the so much to do in terms of his daughter colleen injustice started conflict that has not been addressed and this has the potential so the number of people dying. I can't tell exactly so many people are dying. Everyday due to war related crisis either been killed. Kale battlefields says out of war poverty disease. I want to hear about your story. I know you grew up and spent most of the years of your life in a refugee camp. How did you end up there. I was born in northern uganda in the district court later and i was born in one thousand nine hundred one just immediately heatedly after dictator. Idi amin was deposed of power and in that community there are more than ten end rebel groups operating including the current. Government wasn't the bush fighting an way. I grew up. I could see the only vehicle source chattels chattels military truck doesn't either vehicle the only flying object the plane. I saw was cop that the militias cop down jet fighters and and bumping us and when that say what is going on another along discourse so has more in conflict ah griping conflict and then it went on to to community experience continued to cut the wrestling by never in cultural tribal groups than the load ami it might and that became the west of the western uganda's of conflict it started close to our home and i we they media target by the way but also that the media our committee immediate by the government battlefield so we we became the center of battle for both government and law designs. I mean and this winton as a child at could see i was wondering how long was it going to hand. It took us twenty s to get out of that so mcgruff at grubbing well. I i grew up in com spent my child. You know in the growing up. I studied in the calm. I survived all the war related challenges including health education feeding showtime and one of the people who spent over seventy s eating one meal a day. We didn't have food <unk> up in dumps of education occasion. It wasn't the more challenging of course in conflict. Education is not a priority. The biggest weather is forever. If out get the next meal that was the most wedding experience as a child because it was always <unk> tuft way that wake up in the morning until four p._m. You've got nothing to eat and then you eat until the next day for pm. That is the life. I grew up in life. I survive and it's up to struggled with my kitchen with my health. I survived that was twice about brick in my community and live alone meningitis malaria. I went through many things that woke on and you you've talked about the cycle of violence and revenge that people who are victims of war become more innocent want. I want justice but it perpetuates the cycle of violence. How do you break that cycle to break. The cycle of wall in violence is is a dan festival walk with so much amount of drama and the trauma needs to be hill if not ill from a christian at a war then becomes war trauma from war cycle. You need to get to the point of breaking that and deal to becomes generational and when children are born in conflict dependence will always be asked. Why are we being killed while we be targeted and this the question that most parents doesn't doesn't have an answer but then the question comes in dependent which appoint of who we are suffering because of that trip with suffering because of them that's soleil telling the child who their enemies so that trans generational transfer trauma of of pain is like implanting in the new seats violence that child was being told we enemy sack so you have somebody to hit as soon as you and understand the well you're growing bring up with wu enemies with what you want to do next time you have opportunity to advance to strike about to let them feel the pain but as a child i wanted wanted to study to become a doctor to become a generalist to become a pilot like assumes that win woke him everything around a lotta became a survival. You're walking now and all of a sudden people get blown by landmines right in front of you. You're playing with your friends and within few minutes <unk> at their ticket and never been seen a game you just playing football dallas momentum to a blink football. We made our own bottle. Because there was no football uh-huh <unk> about one hundred has amid our hoon ball and web geeking kicking one of the elder kim and so our bottle made out of legs no playing around hand falling kim on picked kids what kickings admit out and bought event excited and then when he unveiled it he finds something wrong. It was a bomb it was unexploded bomb and then little that this is bob from with took of in minute actions crying on shouting on with free is this this bomb blew over landed investment to be dead the questions with next then becomes you you had the next in line. You can be blown off. Even even walking alone even be abducted. Every painful moment was to see a mom leaving home to fetch water. The big fear was will succumb back on my life will soon. They'll be blown by landmines. We'll see not be by the men in uniform so this every child's biggest fear node the feeling of london as powerlessness. You feel unwanted. You feel you don't belong so this is the kind of spirit kind of feeling that renews and continues continues to appreciate you know the train of violence because a child grow that have to do something to prove to my parents that i loved them for the to me by retaliating one of the cruelest aspects of this is is children who are kidnapped turned into soldiers their victims and but they become perpetrators as well does vedat cly. I'm almost obvious.

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