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Right. And that's where the hundred K might come into it. So whereas where it's raw I could understand the idea feeling blood money, but you did the right thing, even though it meant total disruption to your life and to extend your life. You maybe actually been giving up years of your own life to come forward and say that. Everybody else. It's a scary spooky thing. And I'm almost I I'm quite sad that the whole that the the serial killer thing seems to maybe it is the media just uplift of media. And there's just a lot more stories coming from different parts of the world. But I think it's we we are trying to figure out something. And of course, we never know how many serial killers existed for centuries before there was even in name for it. Well, I thought in the past it was just, you know, Warren territorialism. No, I think this is where we there's something in some people the narcissist sociopath is really the the personality type who believes that they have the right to decide whether or not you live or die. They're not bothered by it at all. Well, there are so many narcissus. I don't know if I can say it with the cold, narcissistic sociopaths. Thankfully, there's a certain amount of them that are just passive aggressive in not murderous. I just want to put that out there. Well, you may be right. But I would also the difference of courses. Lot of narcissists. Are that's pretty common? The socio the socio the peace. That's the scary piece. Expert. I just I'm still learning. But it was a it was a wonderful opportunity to learn at the knee of of John Douglass earlier. Buki what he was saying get spooked because like when you and that other fellow that that gentleman that just called in about having spent time, Jalen, you learn how to read people, and you know, it really comes down to you know, you can trust certain people. You know, you've got circles around you in the closest circle are the ones that you trust the most, and then it goes out from there. And it's it's hard to find that. Yeah. That I enjoyed this very much. I appreciate it. So in the Canadians that I talk about all the time when the aliens come I will I wanted to make an exception on them eating you first. Okay. So let me. Oh. That's right. I remember that. So you're okay. Well, you're an appetizer. Then let's fine. Thank you. God bless you. Let me get to marry who's in New Jersey on a wildcard line on coast to coast AM in the time. We have before the bottom of the hour Mary. Hello. About angel. But I heard you talking about the song Salman. Yeah. And I heard all those things like thirteen time they can hear like, the Jewish voice. So many made a movie and totally turned that around for like a little person could see this. And it's totally different. I know what you mean by the a little person. What do you mean like child? Okay. And this is this is what the players in. It can David as she. A white horse black horse. So the tree he's remembering his childhood, and he's fighting this the sole Solomon. David comes riding on the way horse, and he comes to see little baby and come out story. But eventually he takes some into Egypt, and they picked out a little black horse for some. And they turned it around like a wolf Disney movie. And I don't know if he called horsepower daughter, and he brought the horse hone to be married to convey that the white horse and when they start that. What is my beloved? Oh, white and ready for horses, white and. That's funny. Turn it around. And they say, well, what is my beloved talking beloved all the time black and calmly because they're Solomon. He's handsome. He's coming and there's the black horse, and they changed it around. And they have them sitting up against an apple tree, and they're reading apples and. It's a love story between David and Sheva in between. But but they use horse. But turned it. I totally works. I if you take all the sex out of it. Yep. That's exactly what you can do and haven't acted out using like my little pony. I can totally see that. And there's there is beauty in. There is symbolism. And there is a.

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