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Gina Grand Brian Bishop. It's march of two thousand sixteen. The people requesting didn't really specify defy a moment they love. They just love the episode. They love how fun Anna's throughout so I selected a portion deepened the episode when the angry has been flow and this is what they're speaking of the third color Michael He's got a nice comment for Anna and he brings up the movie the hateful eight and the use of nails which Adam loves and flows with perfectly and that transitions to another chunk of the episode something like this Michael Thirty two adam going on Michigan Rhianna to highlight your performance in what's my number. Thanks thanks thank you nope it. That will thank you kind of along the lines. We're talking about with Chris Pratt like <hes> mainly Western things <hes> and I was wondering if you when you're watching the hateful eight if you noticed like the actors when Goto pounding nails into the door to keep it shut the noticed how daintily they did that. Well everybody a lot of hits. It's funny. Everybody holds well. They didn't have vinyl coated sinkers back then those were probably eight or sixteen penny common head sure but they didn't they didn't go in so so nice back then embittering shank. I don't know I did read that. Most of the reviews Um Yeah I saw the review to where I can't remember to San Francisco Chronicle or something they're saying they should have used a waffle headed framing like maybe von with a hatchet handle or something they may be twenty two hundred twenty three ounce so they're using essentially smooth and finish hammer complaint to the point that is like a shame yeah. It's among people most people when you hand them. A hammer choke way up on hold ah near the head in hammer that way which loses torque all leverage all the leverage of the hammer you really supposed to slide to the back of it. Get a little the hammerhead going right what bothers me is when actors teeth to light for the era especially yes I probably should whiten my teeth or good just way too damn straight in your little distracting the out of the element I'm also an A.. <hes> minus before braces obviously and the guy plays a blacksmith whose daddy was taken in the last storm and it's like perfect white teeth and straight across. I'm with you so Michael I enjoyed the movie didn't pull me out of it and I try to let my own forms of bias and expertise influence period piece I I will attempt to do my lazy ass research. The laziest research one can do I I do like it when they people have time appropriate teeth and I think Jennifer Jason Leigh definitely nailed hit that one out in the crazy time sensitive appropriate teeth shirt she shared kind of teeth your person your character would have all right <hes>. Let's see again. The podcast on a Ferris is unqualified is really fun. It's intimate. I don't know that you could get the same result if it wasn't an honest house in her living room with a bunch of deer heads weird hovering above your shoulder and having a little Vino and enjoying that environment well thanks. I have to urinate okay. I want to ask you when I get back from that process. How you think I can attract more male male listeners because we have a nice man listeners? A lot of them are women. Though how do we get more of the men I think I can tie this into your urination. Okay okay all right you head toward the Ladies Room uh-huh fire up the Nanny Cam. We're going to go viral. It's GonNa take an extra two minutes sure you use the ladies room and there's two lights which is make sure that both on and don't mind the one that's on the floor that plug that one in mechanics. Don't Talk Shit about me. No I mean it's we won't talk to you on your number. One Garin fire up thank you think she's you gotta get a refill their all right and she delights. She's amazing..

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