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O'Shea at the editor's desk our executive producer Bill O'Neill I'm Brian Calvert sitting in for ELISA and Rick this evening It's a story for keeping an ear on for you thousands of more texts to and from former president Trump's chief of staff after the 2020 election have been released those texts from the phone of Mark Meadows are proving to be an essential evidence for the House committee investigating the January 6th insurrection Theo Meyer is covering the story for The Washington Post he spoke with Taylor van zeiss earlier today Theo dozens of members of Congress are tied up in these texts now give us an idea of who's included and what they've said in this most recent trove Yes of course Some of these members of Congress are one two we already knew were deeply involved in the events leading up to January 6th and the attack on the capital as well as the broader efforts after the election to try to cast doubt on the outcome People like congressman Scott Perry and others Others are sort of less known representative Brian Babin for instance texted Mark Meadows on December 30th 2020 dens and some Republicans may well try to short stop our objection efforts hoping to VT sticks with us with a link to a news article So we only have a small section of the complete trove of text messages that were obtained by CNN Could these texts lead to members of Congress being subpoenaed for questioning by the House committee Because I think as I recall up to this point that hasn't really happened Yes Lawmakers while they have subpoenaed others they have been reluctant to subpoena sitting members of Congress to come and testify before the committee There are multiple issues there but one is simply one of timing the committee is trying to wrap up this investigation ahead of the midterms this year So I think we're locked into take on a fight that could drag on for quite some time in trying to compel testimony when they have already collected a great deal of evidence And short of subpoena is there anything that this House committee could do to try and compel testimony from these holdouts Because at the very least we know they're implicated in the conversations leading up to the 6th Well they could certainly ask more lawmakers to come and talk to them voluntarily But I think aside from issuing subpoenas and leading into that fight it would be difficult for them to force their colleagues to comply I think another hurdle here is questions about the extent to which they want to go after setting lawmakers as opposed to people like Meadows himself of course who is no longer a member of Congress no longer a government employee at all And who have gone after more aggressively Reporter Theo Meyer covering for The Washington Post speaking with Taylor van Sykes a little bit earlier today Former president Trump must start paying a daily fine today until he complies with a subpoena we get details from ABC's Aaron koterski One day after holding former president Trump in contempt a judge here in New York filed a written order that assessed a $10,000 daily fine starting now It will continue the judge said until he satisfied Trump is no longer in contempt of court The judge said Trump willfully disobeyed his order to comply with the subpoena issued by the New York attorney general's office as part of a civil investigation into how Trump valued his real estate assets Trump turned over no documents and the judge said no details that would show he even bothered to look ABC News New York At 6 20 your stock charts dot com money update here on northwest used radio A rough day for investors with the major index is cratering anywhere from two and a quarter percent to 4% The S&P 500 slid 121 points the Dow Jones industrials tumbled 809 and a tech heavy NASDAQ composite plunged 514 points A day after the announcement that Twitter had reached an agreement to be acquired by Elon Musk for $44 billion Shares of Tesla the electric carmaker founded by and run by Musk are tumbling today The stocks get a 12% perhaps amid concerns that Musk might have to borrow against his Tesla stock holdings to fund the deal as well as worries about potential distractions for him as he tries to reshape Twitter That's your money now The news.

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