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If you times, what are your thoughts on the offensive line and how they handled culture pressure today? Yeah, that's something I really want to see the film for for certain things. I do think that Jason Peters is still dealing with. The knock right now and is a little bit rusty since he hasn't played meaningful football in a while. He's just coming back. But some of some of the false starts as has got to be more in tune with the offense there. I think it'll be fine in that overall, though, you worry about the lettuces them because I don't think he's at the level of athlete that he was before the injury last year. And I don't know if that's because of the injury that he's dealing with right now or because of the injury that he that the past major injuries that he's had just sapping his athleticism and his age still adorn effective player. But you do worry about that and it's something attract long-term, the five sacks. What I wanna see from the film is, you know, were they wasn't particularly paying too much attention on it, but were they three step drops that Carson just held onto the ball bit more you no longer than he should have were? Were there open routes in front of him because he did miss some open routes in front of him being a little Russell rusty mentally after those scripted plays like we talked about or were they longer drop. So it was a. Product of, you know, holdings of the ball on some cricketing things where they got a jump set and they feel like they only have to hold that block for a couple seconds and they can work from there as bad as that sounds because you know, you've got Carson behind you. You have to block a little bit differently for Carson because he's going to be all over the place. Maybe he runs his his impression every now and then, but you know, Carson's not gonna change. In that matter. You can't ask them to change. He's always going to be like that. And there's going to be a big discussion around Carson. Does you need to calm down? He's not going to. So we need to stop asking him to. But yeah, you know, overall, like you said in the run game, the offense of line was fine, pass protecting that. Something that I would look into a little bit more and probably be put some clips on the time line and whatnot. But overall thought it was solid. I think they can play better in pass protection though. I will say that, well, let's just finish up the offense talking about just mentioned as Doug Peterson, you know, a lot of talk coming into the week about, you know how much she would miss Frank Reich, or you know whether or not that the, you know what? Frank. Rex absence from being part of the coaches room was having eagles offense. Held the clock for forty and a half minutes in this one, three hundred seventy nine yards scored twenty points, but you know, they didn't have a giant. They didn't have sproles Jeffrey Wallace and a couple of new guys in there. That's that's not bad, you know, and you've got a quarterback who hadn't played since since last December. Certainly not a bad effort there by by Doug Peterson, trying to guide his team through a game that you know, I think a lot of past eagles teams would have lost this game. This is a team. This is a championship team. These are the defending Super Bowl champions into come out and win a game. Like this is the kind of games they won last year that that helped them run their record to thirteen and two before that last game of the year against Dallas that that didn't really count. Let's flip it over to the defense now, Michael. And obviously, the guy we have to talk about first is the guy that Benjamin Sollac obviously would never want us to talk about. I saw about Derek bar net one and a half sacks, including the huge clincher on fourth goal with a minute nineteen left from the eagles for Doug Peterson said, after the game, you can see the kid getting better every week. We've all been waiting for it, Michael..

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