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Drinking the Starbucks and thanks to the fine folks at the Roseville Starbucks for being yeah Bob pleasant quick drive through very little human contact hello well let's explain let's let's not beat around the bush let's kind of explain what's happening here and as you can tell Alexa sounds a little bit different she is it under her couch at our house sure if you know Alexis is at home and will be for a while out of an abundance of caution dawn Kenny and I are in separate studios disinfected separate studios again of an audit of abundance of caution and for our own safety and this will be probably going on for this or foreseeable future and this was the decision of the bosses made to to keep us safe a limited number of people in and around the studios I am actually here at Hubbard this week fox is autumn in abundance of caution and they are being an incredibly cautious and I'm just very happy so I am here and I believe there are reruns this week for the Jason show so I will yeah so that that's happened so Alexis is on the phone today Lexy your E. is what are you're not gonna are you going to stay the whole show or just the segment whatever you want yeah whatever you want and need I if this sounds terrible I understand but I'm happy to be here or just call winner you will update to my kitchen I don't know yeah why don't we just because you know hello you're at home and incense right there why don't we just what we'll do this segment and then you go back and live your life and we'll call you in the seven and then we'll call you once during the eight does that sound okay yeah sure okay fine yeah I just just so you you know we're all just kind of get used to this but solex all over the world isn't it guys I know kilts and weird I was gonna say your thoughts I mean were as as we do as we done many times over the thirteen years I looked at dawn today and I said well I this show is going to be just kind of going with the flow and loosey goosey gun I think world is feeling a lot of things lex how are you feeling today well I wish I could live he died what's going on right now and I know that you guys are in separate studios which are no problem have art as well that you know just sitting home here and I'm just thinking about you know not really having a and and knowing when you know this will end order we ship the crescendo or what's really going on you know I'm grateful but like you said that particular precautions yeah I think what my kid I think about you know just getting out in the world yeah and you know what's what's going to happen yeah did you did you go out at all this weekend lacks cancel everything I I just I just stayed in and we did what could go outside it was beautiful weekend in terms of what they're getting out and get some sunshine but otherwise no I I just I I stayed home and all of my emergency chocolate all proceeds already there black slacks this just I don't I hate I hate to be a Debbie Downer right away but it just started girl this is I don't remember what we talked about how if things really go bad you'd be on my team you're not anymore.

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