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Often on slowing from state route 169 much of the way into downtown Bellevue and we've been crowding on South found four or five into South center with some action on the shoulder. Our next to Cuomo. Traffic out 8 14 are forecast now from the diversified crawl Space Weather Center. Here's meteorologist Kristen Clark. It's official punks. The tawny Phil here on ground Hog Day did indeed see his shadow this predicting six more weeks of winter. And as the movie goes on ground hog day, the same scene plays over and over again our weather much of the same as we have more showers in the forecast across western Washington today, some steady some heavy at times and the snow begins the lower back below the passes. Two So 4 to 8 inches likely, resulting in slow past travel up there at the Cascades today through Wednesday morning, and the coma Weather Center and meteorologist Kristen Clarke Rain and Bremerton words 42 right now. Showers in Olympia 41. And here in downtown Seattle. It's raining and 42. Yes, January wasn't unusually wet month in Seattle, but it wasn't a record breaker. National Weather Service officially recorded eight and three quarters inches of rain at Sea Tac Airport in January. The first half of the month was the wettest on record for a January The record for January still stands from a year ago. 9.23 inches of rain Come on these tomatoes seven. Virologists in Seattle, say the covert 19 variant that originated in the UK is now spreading in our region. Almost Patrick Quinn got a new inside. Look at how the state is tracking the mutation. The highly contagious be 117.

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