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Called me and said this movie. You will love this movie. It is spectacular watch. It's marlee matlin. Who i i loved on the west wing he goes. You've got to watch this as soon as possible. And i went to idaho. And i haven't watched it yet. Mason watched it instead. It's his absolute favorite movie of the year. My mom watched it. And i was crying at the end whore. Hey what did you think man. You hit an all of it man. It's a great film. it's heartfelt for sure. My mom was crying. Brenda Because base arkwright but man. My mom was crying. It is a very heartfelt movie. It is a little different. I i watched because handle that represented as well and man. It's a must watch this year for for for real okay so for people who don't know coca co da stands for children of death adults so it's right to explain it as serious subject matter right comedy. It's not but apparently it's very touching and three people ben mason and my mom and now allied you to the list all give it five stars across the board. So if you're looking to watch it's in theaters or you can or you probably watch an apple. Plus i i did. You can watch it on on apple. Plus so there's a back to the original question ramona. There's a ton to watch now and there's so many choices and i think in the pandemic got married to their tv and so it's hard okay so every night eight. Yeah so lemme right so. Let me pivot to something and i'm going to need your help here. Let me pivot to something that happened last night. At the major league soccer all-star game it was at bank of california stadium. That's the the new stadium home of l. Afc that is a state of the art soccer stadium right next to usc so the all star game in soccer was the mls against lalita. In horry those are competing. Soccer leagues right. Lilia mex- the mexican league okay. So the all stars from the major league soccer run one team and the all stars for bodyguard were on the other team and at the start of the game. They stopped it. They stopped in all star game because the crowd started making a homophobic chant and hori. This isn't the first time this chance been hurt at a soccer game. Right now is not the first time. And it's it's. It's really really hard to stop it because not everybody's getting on the same page with sucks. Okay now explain to me the best you can. I know you can't say what exactly what is they're saying. What is it is it making fun of gay people as it made it. Okay it is. It's a it's a slur against gay people in it happens against the opponent like against the the The visitors sides goalkeeper. Every time kicks the ball off into play from you know from from his side right. Yeah okay whatever it. They start chanting visit and they they do it in a way where it's heard all over the stadium and then even tv and radio are having trouble sleeping it out so it's just one of these must must be stopped. Okay so ramona. What they did was they stopped. I i can't believe this happened in an all star game a game. That doesn't even count those. I mean that's as racist as you can get or homophobic you can get was the league. Right momo to stop the game would be smarter to just ignore it or as he points out. Because you're doing this on radio and tv everybody's going to hear it and it's impossible to ignore it. I think that's probably right. I don't know there's a part of me that set like who who is doing the chant. The way they could deck is the whole crowd. I think well for example at l. Afc games. there's a group called the thirty to fifty two. That i guess where he in the early days. They had some issues with them but they they stopped at themselves right. They went to the leaders of the of the fan group. And they said look. We're gonna get penalized for this and maybe you have to forfeit and they knocked it off. So we can't we can't tied to just one section right. It happens all over the all of the stadium. Yeah so ramone. This may be the only thing they can do like. I think you're right like i go to. This is how i deal with a toddler. Okay the give them a couple of chances right you say daniel really likes to throw my phone okay. He he loves to throw everything now. And i say you can't throw mommy's phone like you wanna watch the rhymes on it but you can't throw. He's going to get the screens already cracked like he thinks. It's funny you know and it's like you know he doesn't know that i need my phone for work and whatever and i don't wanna get us know doesn't care yeah just thinks it's funny and so the first time i say no. You can't do that the second time. We have some think time which is thirty seconds where i bake them. Just basically stand there. And i don't talk to many crises okay. I literally ignore him. And it's thirty seconds of him just screaming okay and then the third time it's like we're not we're taking it away. We're not doing anymore like that's how you have to teach them after you have to take things away. You can't just say well except for what hora said. It's not the whole stadium. That's doing so but if you're going to see him they tried right didn't seem like they have people. I watched both leagues. And it's you know the majority of the people. Screaming is from the mexican league. And and i hate saying that because it is true There's been occasions where even the national team has had to stop people from the stadium and watch these games which sucks because as a fan you want to enjoy like every every soccer event you can but with people not getting on saint page trying to stop. This is just making it hard as a fan to go in one of these games..

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