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But for now, we're stuck with the rain, and it may be too much in some areas. Let's get more now from AccuWeather and meteorologist Dave Samuel, Hillary parts of the area are already saturated. So we're worried that some downpours later this afternoon. This evening, cook, some minor flooding issues. We're now looking at widespread problems, but the timings bad here it would be during the commute Hobo. We'll be tracking these downpours further watches. In effect for the jersey suburbs. West of two eighty seven rest of the Iraqi routes ponding of water on roadways through the evening. Also, the fog area, it's really reducing the visibility. So you'll just have to take it a little bit slow on your way home today, also dealing with coastal flooding, and we just had a high tide across a Long Island Sound that was a few feet above normal. We'll have another high tide on the south shore of Long Island and the jersey shore this evening that will be a couple of feet above normal causing some issues there. Whether it looks better as we head into tomorrow. Larry forecasters, keeping a close watch on hurricane Florence with the Carolinas and Virginia declaring states of emergency. This is Daniel Brown with an additional Hurricane Center, essentially from Georgia through the Carolinas, and they even into the mid Atlantic states need to be paying close attention to the forecast performance category for Florence now sustained winds of more than one hundred thirty miles an hour. This is now a major hurricane Florence says. They talk of the jersey shore where heavy. Surface expected on the ten ten wins ring central Newsline. Here's our Glenn shock any fluctuation to the north could dramatically changed. The storm surge and wind in places like Belmar mayor Brian McGovern says today anything near the beach that can be turned into a dangerous projectile like ticket booths or trash cans are being removed. His message to residents just to stay calm on Mars had strong storms hurricane in the past as long as we're well prepared. We'll get through our local OEM is meeting today with the state to prepare for any emergencies that might arise from the storm and many senior citizens called the beachfront home and Belmar McGovern says their families should be prepared to move them. Just in case Glenn shock ten ten wins. In New Jersey wins news time three oh. Five on the eve of the seventeenth anniversary of nine eleven Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams is calling on the NYPD to cut through the red tape. He says it shouldn't be so difficult. For officers who responded on nine eleven and are ill now to receive a disability pension police. Lieutenant Marie Donohue was diagnosed with nine eleven related ovarian cancer after surgeries and chemo the pension board denied her disability payments. And it was my understanding speaking.

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