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Slow has officially invited university of texas. The moment john tall is covering that story for. Aol dot com and for and we will be joined by him when he gets some conference. He's literally outside and one hundred degrees waiting to see if the if the cardinals of the sec are going when they start burning the parchment. Let's get back to the calls. Eight five five to four to seven to eight. five scott is in gulf shores alabama. Hello scott oh finebaum. Thank you for letting me on well. It is our Our honor to have you here. Well got. I was raised up son of a preacher man. I lived all around the country by the way missouri. Georgia kency north carolina. I've lived everywhere. And i am totally satisfied with texas and oklahoma. Joining the sec. And i take issue with people saying like the longhorns or too liberal college to join the We need a little blueberry in. Drew medo We can use that and good luck to do about the way we do we do. We have any liberals in the. Sec is that is that is that permissible well.

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