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If he could redo all the fights of his career that didn't go his way if he goes out in does what he does best which is throw people down and attack and keep them in position and attacking eat up the rounds and even the clock he would he would have got his hand raised every time and i believe in the future he will as well i'm not positive this crazy bastard is willing to do that i'm not sure that he's not going to go out i want a test this move out i want wanna work on this are what when he goes out and he does what he did on friday which is what he does best of what he's done since he was a child i just don't know who could beat him i just don't i think it was i gotta performs now when you get over to garner nelson gutter got knocked down and got knocked out early first round and fast governor is so good nobody plays the game that he plays and doesn't get knocked out nobody is just a matter of when and when the wind comes it's a matter of where you going to make the adjustments in change inning gunnar nelson's key no i don't think he will that doesn't mean is going to be knocked out in his next fight or even the one after that but he will be knocked out again and what i'm talking about is an enemy or any form of fighting when you're out there being mr fancy pants in your bean tuzi and you've got your hands down in your chin up and that's really all i'm talking about if you don't fall the basics of chin down and hands up you're going to get knocked out just a matter of what and gutters fantastic and that's the only reason i'm speaking on him i speak on him a i know gunnar i like him a lot of action never met him i know one through other people run in the say the same circles i know he works as often got great coaches i know he sacrifice and discipline an and had a much harder struggle.

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