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About it later. Oh, my goodness. The window before each show Nana Egan's I literally just got an update to the email and then a dende, um via text. Hello, Mr Bookish. Good morning, Bill, are you I'm well, how are you? You said that like signs that would say Newman. Um not exactly. Hello. It was different. All right, so 2 to 1 comes up in trivia. Which means bogus You get to choose You'd like to go first or second. I'm gonna choose first today, Bill. Thank you very much for asking. You're welcome. Here we go right? Hudson, the luminary broadcaster has brought us such cultural and linguistic gems. Has tightened up quicker and tighter than a hangman's news. He needs help, like a shark needs a dentist, and he was like an electric eel covered in gasoline. To Honore for two points. Mr Boga sh What is his middle name? Is it? Will Fred Wilhelm, Winston Wilkie or Baller? I don't think it's baller, although maybe it is now. I'm gonna go with Wilhelm. Wonderful guest because it is the Derivative of one of the great names in the history. The world. You know what, William, You've known joy in your life. That's wrong. Oh, Can't leave. It goes Baller. Mr Di Benedetto. Two points. Remaining names are Wilfred Winston Wilkie and.

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