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Autumn is how willing people are to up and quit for what they view as greener pastures will get that reading today I'm David Brancaccio hiring in September was good but below trend still the unemployment rate hit a fifty year low later this morning we'll get the Aug job openings Labor turnover survey acronym jolts here's marketplace's Mitchell Hartman job openings peaked late last year and have fallen off a bit since then but the quits rate which tracks workers voluntarily leaving their jobs is now at an eighteen year high economist Joseph Bruce Willis at our SM consulting individuals are fairly confident that if the quit their job they're going to get another one for higher pay web developer Joshua Curtis a Phoenix started job hunting last year he figured his current employer underpaying him by about thirty percent and his landlord had just nearly doubled the rent but I did not get a lot of job offers very picky about what the want and this is the kind of developers here he expanded his search nationwide and in February got an offer exactly the pay raise I was looking for you Thomas Justice Bruce Willis warns that this tight hot labor market may not last weekly jobless claims especially in states heavily dependent on trade and factoring have been edging up recently I'm Mitchell Hartman for marketplace the drug company Johnson Johnson has been hit with an eight billion dollars punitive damages by a court in Philadelphia yesterday the jury found the company downplayed risks of its drug rispler doll used to treat psychosis but in this case autism marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer is here with more on the jury's thinking here well David the jury decided that Johnson and Johnson didn't do enough to warn the he shouldn't Nicholas Murray who's now in his twenties that risperidone could cause him to Grope Russ he started taking it when he was child for treatment of symptoms related to his some Murray's lawyers say the jury sent a message that Johnson and Johnson's actions were deliberate and malicious what is Johnson and Johnson saying about eight Billion Dollars Company says the verdict is excessive and it will appeal Johnson and Johnson also says it was prevented from making meaningful defense because key evidence was excluded it says the jury didn't hear it's opinion that were sprawls label quote outlined the risks and this comes about a week and a half after J. J. reached a twenty million dollar settlement agreement on opioids right and that agreement is with two counties in Ohio resolves their claims Johnson and Johnson contributed to widespread addiction with its opioid drugs but the company still faces hundreds of other the opioid lawsuits Johnson and Johnson stock is down one point eight percent in pre-market trading now some other numbers the footsie.

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