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Asia it's ten thirty AM in Hong Kong I'm Kathleen Hayes and I brain Kurdish trading is underway in most of the key markets in the Asia Pacific this morning and moving pretty much side ways here we had both the Hong Hong Kong and China markets down a little bit but now just inching forward a little and sang index up a little under a tenth of one percent were flat in Tokyo we did get China November consumer prices up four and a half percent last month from a year earlier that's a seven year high in the PP I was down one point four percent year on year the estimate minus one point five percent so we get you details on that in a few moments when we look at the markets but for now the top stories moving markets is Kathleen and let's start with what's happening on the trade front plenty of big headlines coming out as we look at U. S. and China White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says the two sides are conducting nearly round the clock talks and ag secretary cine P. do says he doesn't think the US will impose new terrace on Chinese goods on December fifteenth commercially Kumar president Sri Kumar global strategies says the trump administration will find a way out I think we are going to find some way to explain the things are improving and cancel that out of high meantime sources tell us Chinese private crushers are back in the market for US soybeans that's after Beijing waved to some of the retaliatory tariffs it had imposed on US goods let's turn to a possible U. S. Mexico Canada trade deal top officials from the three countries meeting in Mexico City tomorrow on the final U. S. M. C. a language house speaker Nancy Pelosi warned today it's not a done deal until Congress signs it but Bloomberg economic editors sure McGregor says there's a strong desire to move forward bottom line were led to believe that things really are sort of moving ahead with this deal and there could be a vote in the house as early as next week and US trade representative Robert light Heiser is among those traveling to Mexico City for the meetings tomorrow take a look at Morgan Stanley now cutting fifteen hundred positions many of the cuts will be technology related and job cuts a theme in Hong Kong as well retailers.

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