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Three here with the series tied at a game apiece. All right. Elsewhere the NHL has suspended maple leaf center in Qadri for the remainder of the first round. He had a hit to the head of Bruins winger. Jacob Rusk and the flyers of hired. Elaine Delano as their new head coach baseball top of the eighth inning. Mitch lead the Phillies six to five eighth inning in Miami. Cubs in front of the Marlins sixty two brewers lead the cardinals six four they're in the sixth inning. In milwaukee. Top of the eighth any Minnesota Twins lead. The Blue Jays three two one. The Rangers lead the angels in the bottom of the fifth in Arlington seven to four royals White Sox tied at three in the sixth. I'm Jay Berman this task and on the Meuse what in the world will happen to Russell Wilson in the Seahawks short tomorrow morning at six eastern Pacific. This is for real on the chatter on that success. They were stupid enough to give him a new deal, and he has always been awful. And now he's awful again. And now he's finished Aries benched because they know he's trash the guy can't move. And he's gimpy and he can't run. I am telling you bad news is coming. All. It takes is one shot that lag. He is finished. I am so sick and tired of watching this clown. Ask behave like a two year old. It never ends this guy. It's all about him. Have you ever seen a more selfish player than this guy? I mean, honestly Jay's deserted him exit deserted him. He doesn't play defense. They're all looking for a job for him. The best job for Mr. retire. Right now, just end it all you're doing is pushing the Neville back to another day. This always comes down to his health at the end is get out of jail free card. My health. I got to be with my family that stand all this year brought him down. That's the end in my view. It was because of that. That's what is happening. They gotta. Change the way things are going. Why the Sam how would you change anything when you've won three straight six ten thirteen seems like everything's working just away at oughta? Abouts? You're listening to full rail on the big. Harouna badge in the biggest way possible. Hey, the badge. Eight ABA would've bad attitude hanging around a bunch of bad as bad as bad lie. Do bad bad bad. We are live in the Raga mortgage by Quicken.

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