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Would rather wait until undone working well sometimes it's very late in my day but then i realized the of the morning was like man i don't think i've had it's been all carbs no protein at all today but it's this time of year a lot of people to in a we are we kinda go crazy but you just have a little and and be done in know my wife begs a lot this time of year we inge sends out like you do a banana bread pumpkin bread and all the all the stuff arjun everything else but i mean you can make it i've i've got of your five ge kinda thing and the best thing is and and you know a ton of people in media it's amazing than the tens of not probably hundreds from its hundreds of millions of people they're probably diabetes susceptible in some white a bone i asked jagdishlal yeah it wasn't my wife's family has a significant portion of the population but now with the you know with the they've got low carb flour and you know i even a novel lowery uh and not just low carb just regular flower not even the allman bright and the allman flower i used for piecrust and things like that we rise yoga but the regular no carb flower now i mix it with regular on my views like because it the consistency just isn't as good for example banana bread but if i use halfandhalf and then you know a a sugar substitute in it i can of a couple of slices it's no problem there are he has its loaded with being banana bread regulars is loaded with car was probably forty to fifty grams of carbs in each it'll just slice a alone which uh to me is close to what i should have for a meal as low a lastminute provision in the tax bill limits carbs two uh at 100 or day i ha.

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