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That'd be a harbinger of a final three. All right right there. All right, and then from BBC Three Twenty Five Hey Robin Gang What do you think is best for Danny this week we'll see see that cody and Nicole are leaving her out in the cold cold cold water the Big Brother House probably not. I mean maybe maybe if ultimately varies push to save in, but it seems like that, cody. Nicole won't be on the same page about that. Yeah I'm. Like cody and in Memphis were talking earlier saying that if if Kevin Stays on the block, Danny has been saying she can't betray. Day She can't have Kevin Than Liv Tyler would need to go but cody in Memphis agreed that if Kevin stays on the block sorry. Danny were gonNA send Kevin Home. So I would imagine that that might tip off but I would also imagine that cody just GonNa smooth it over with her because that's what always happens she always. Christian can you believe Memphis is still in this game? No. Honestly he was mentioned during this podcast and I I had to like shake myself a little bit and just remind me that he was still in the game I mean as much as Julie Chen mentioned him. You'd think that I would get in my head that he was still here. But now, he just fades away on all the live leads. He he woke up this week because he's just been hibernating while who is. The mastermind alliance has been steamrolling the game this week. He heard people arguing of trying to ruin his alliance and he woke up, he was like. Eyes. What's going? Why? Why are we struan at? Why are we putting alliance members on the blog? What is happening here? gauge? Stop this stop the knock it off. So we've got a good thing going. Just everybody get back in line. We've got another few stops on the train before we start shooting each other. Okay meaning know. He's like the people on that movie passengers. Right were you supposed to make it to the final six before he woke up but he accidentally woke up too early and like I was I was almost done and now I'm not going to get get all the way to the final six with my alliance attack. Yeah I do think that he will wake up for an Ian on the block week. I think that he will be making sure to whip those votes together to make sure he goes home he gets a block. Yeah for Dan. Revenge, for Dan. Okay all right Chris, giving it a thoughts about the House that you wanNA share while you're here with us. I mean honestly I'm always just here to see what David is GonNa do. I'm interested to see if she's going to keep up this acting gig. If I'm David I would maybe take an acting lesson to her because nobody was buying it this past week. But then I'm really also as much as it pains me to say I'm interested to see what happens with. Nicole. After this past week I'm having Tyler and possibly up on the block I think my wake up a little bit especially if Ian goes home, she's going to be in a not a bad position, but she's going to have to recalculate a little bit. So I'm interested to see what happens there. Yeah. I'd like to see Nicole Frenzel on tilt for this week that might be worth it if he ends up going home to see how she reacts to that. I mean, it'll be a lot of tears and so I don't think that I'm ready for it from that gambling. But after that when she starts getting her head back in the game, I'm here for a yeah okay. Tarrant I think that would be exciting to see Nicole with the vendetta. I mean it would be fun I just this morning when she was talking about like. She, his Co. said. Why just because day wins the veto. I have to lose one of my close allies instead of her, how does that make sense like? It's exactly what makes woods. That's what happens. That's she won one thing. Yeah. Yes. She does not take it. Well, when things are not going her way, it'll be great to see. I feel like there might be this miscalculation in Nicole's head about where she is in day Vaughn's order and like I. It. Feels like she seems like she should devante consider in more because in Unicolor close. But she she's just like grappling with the fact that it doesn't care. Yeah. Okay. Tarit I. Also, was happy to see over the weekend that We didn't blow the surprise when we spoke with Bailey this weekend about about-turn. SWAGGIE GONNA buy her a Tesla unlike one of the other exit interviewers. Unbelievable that that they would ruin the surprise like that rob I'm glad that we have some professional between the. Internet the place where it's most known that we keep secrets like how how dare anyone do that though? Yeah like I'm just happy when people alike somebody screwed up and it wasn't me. All right. Let's talk about what else is coming up here on ROB has a podcast and our. UPS and everything else going on on the BNB this weekend. Great. Oh, sorry. Not to be as love island recap here's Jenny Autumn. Snuck in there. Jenny. Autumn with Love Island Recap with curse I saw the picture of Jenny Autumn I thought we was going to be lovie joined David Bloomberg and just Lewis on why blank loss tell you about Oh what did Bailey do wrong this season then there's jenny autumn she's on the PM. So Much Jenny Autumn on all the shows this weekend she's also on on the BNB's catch Jenny Autumn on Love Island N. The BNB this weekend by the way Taryn lovie is locked in the has a Lovie Damase Well over his prediction was that he's he's four for four right now all the way up until day von winning the veto. But he predicted that Memphis would end up on the block and Memphis would end up going home that does not seem super likely at this time. Learn. renomination. To do. The one yelling..

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