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So there was a comment on twitter about About a universal control. And i forget who it was. It may have been joel. Stern and she was like who actually has stuff. Like who has an i mac sitting next to an m one laptop sitting next to an ipad. And i'm mike will christina with a suckers. Have this like it's such a small devil people they're going to blow this much money on apple crowd and i still would never use this. I mean i. I will occasionally know how safari will sometimes tell the vin surfing site on your your iphone back. It's like yeah hand. This here is taffeta mike. Sometimes i use that okay. Hey i am that every single day. I use that every time i do this show because there are so many times like if i'm on a a computer that doesn't have whatsapp on it and i i need to write on a show notes passing off the link from my phone to the computer. Oh my god. And when it doesn't work. I get no man reasonably angry and brief shout out to glenn fleishman because i think i did complain about this on twitter because i was like googling hand off suddenly not working So mad and he was like you know sometimes if you turn bluetooth off and on again it'll start working. And i was like sure it does and i did it in it immediately. Worked and i have i. I'm still furious about it. But i hope that this message helps someone else in time of need chinese. Anyway i'm sorry. I totally interrupted you. Please continue no. No no no you did not. You're dead on your dead on with that. I do want to say cr- christina has a hard out in fifteen minutes so we should probably figure out like the last thing briefly. You're gonna say one sentence. Thank you so much for the reminder test flight coming to mac well. I xe cloud coming to make well. Yeah i was gonna say excellent cloud would be for me the bigger thing. Yeah that's actually pretty profound. So ex cloud is basically a way of doing continuous integration continuous deployment stuff from your echoed. Bildt's in it'll do it on the cloud and so they'll do. The build process will push the agents. It'll do parallel bills. Make it easier for you to do testing it. Integrates with test flights. So tusla's coming to mac meaning that you can now which is it's about time Apple acquired testified a million years ago. But it's good to see it's finally coming to the mac. I think that that's of really exciting. The interesting things about the exco cloud thing is that this cd space is really really hot. So you've jenkins you have a bunch of other services actions which disclosure. I work at microsoft which you know. owns get hub. There are a lot of options. Travis there are none of different services and people have built a lot of cic de build stuff exclusively aimed at iowa this also directly connected with abc connected. Meaning you can do this. As part of your bike submission process to apple which is cool. The interesting thing i noted because i signed up. I'm on the wait list to get into the beta. Because i want to see how it works is that they say that it'll be free. During the beta period and that pricing will be announced in the fall. This is interesting to me because to my knowledge this is the first time in the kind of modern apple times that we've seen apple have additional resources for paying to extract like a services model mode of what they've done with with icloud and other things going towards developers and that this could potentially be a really big money making thing for them because some of the cd services and and and whatnot are multi billion dollar companies..

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