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Office were present for it. But the chairwoman of Arizona's Republican Party, says her group will continue to push for a recount were also requesting a full hand audit of the election in Maricopa County. And for all the work Arizona puts into defending votes and the voting process from fraud in our efforts to reassure the citizens of Arizona of the integrity of these results here is on a GOP. That's Kelly word by the way. The Arizona GOP is also seeking a court order prohibiting Maricopa County from certifying results until the case is decided. The judge is expected to issue a ruling sometime today. Governor Doug Ducey says he trusts the process but won't accept election results. Until all of the lawsuits are resolved. They have the right To those challenges, so those challenges will play out in the court, and then I will respect the results of the election. Do you see a Republican is defending Arizona's record for honest and accurate voting, But at the same time standing behind President Trump's claims of voter fraud and irregularities nationwide on the first thing, Governor Doug Ducey for the blessing to serve Great state of Arizona Senator Martha McSally, delivering her final speech on the Senate floor after conceding to Mark Kelly in Arizona's heated Senate race. So my fellow Arizona's It was an honor to be your voice. And your fighter on your behalf. After serving two years in the Senate, Senator MC Sally gave her final goodbye as I make the trip back home from D C to Arizona for the last time and close out this Nine year chapter of my life. I do so with gratitude with joy and with no regrets, Senator Mike Sally was appointed to the seat in 2018 following the death of Republican Senator John McCain. Key Barrel Dominion. PTR news. If you're flying out or have family flying in for Thanksgiving, Airlines are doing their best to assure you it's safe, even with rising coronavirus numbers. Now one of them is going beyond cleaning its planes. United Airlines is using electrostatic caloric sprays to disinfect 35 of its busiest airport terminals, including those at Phoenix Sky.

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