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Sense of relief is coming out of a yogi low and in germany oh absolutely yeah um so good for them plus i like him as a player he's of core of cited bring a he's may favour paired watch on that team how very exciting player the other game on tuesday event is and taught in them to to is how it ends uh for before i go into analyst mode i will speak from fan mode from heart i'll tell you this tottenham did not win this game but this maybe this is over reactionary in the moment guys speaking right now it's one of my favorite spurs games i think i've ever seen do you have every right to say that and to feel that way christian eriksson said something after the game that just it's kind of sad but it was just one of the most true things i've ever heard a player say and he said uh spurs i'm paraphrasing but he said spurs of a few years ago we would have lost this came six no new this like to me this was just the perfect crystallization of what you've seen from tottenham over the last three seasons that this is just a different mental ledee is different about this side they go down one nil as early as they do in pretty demoralized and fashion for uvais to just run a beautifully set up play like that off a free kick and the finish was fantastic whereas were asleep on they were they were but i don't think when you're seeing a free kick at set up i don't think you're expecting to transpire what did and right away tottenham received an education into just how good you've ar and their response was solid but then you've entous came back one a penalty on a reckless challenge from ben davies who why been i mean larry on our side of the common kedo i like it i was on a letter lee uh you you probably went into old gil modes straightaway bad why do that to me now a thought about it immediately as soon as i some wind up and take the challenge and so kind of a demoralising blow twonil here we are after the first goal looked like we'd settled back in and then bang just like that it feels like it's over and you wonder argue vacant to go.

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