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In dollar pipeline many european leaders see that as an indication that they will have to lead on climate change the european members are also expected to take a tough approach on environmental issues during the summit for npr news dan carpenter in toronto the french foreign minister says iran's close to crossing red line after the islamic republic remarked it may resume the enrichment of uranium if it's antinuclear packed with international community collapses here's npr's eleanor beardsley speaking on the radio french foreign minister jean yves le drian says it's always dangerous to flirt with the red line toronto comments came during his rayleigh prime minister benjamin netanyahu's trip to europe to convince leaders to abandon the nuclear agreement so far europe says it standing by the deal which dropped sanctions against iran in return for its stopping nuclear weapons development but wednesday's comments out of tehran did not help matters for the europeans netanyahu is urging france to turn its attention to tackling iran's regional aggression netanyahu said he no longer needs to convince paris to quit the new clear deal because economic pressure will kill it anyway that's eleanor beardsley this is npr from k q e d news i'm brian watt former state senator mark leno has a slight lead in the san francisco mayor's race a result of the cities ranked choice voting system board of supervisors president london breed has the most first place votes but leno has enough second choice votes to take a less than one percent lead in the latest results leno says his election day push was key we know you're a little supporter and you haven't voted by ten o'clock you gotta call twelve o'clock and if you still got one to two at four called get out the vote during the campaign leno formed an alliance with supervisor jane kim who supporters overwhelmingly made leno their second choice an unknown number of mailed and provisional ballots remained uncounted another too close to call race in napa county a ballot measure to restrict vineyard develop measure c would set limits on how many acres of oak woodlands along the napa valley hillside can be cut down for new vineyards the yes and no sides are in a virtual tie jim wilson is with napa is yes on c campaign there's a tremendous amount of pressure to expand in your holdings into the.

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