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Again, that's very typical, not only relation of groups. In all spheres of human activity from. Politics religion to asa terrorism to. Chess Clubs. Our. Groups and. You, know the. The much movie likes Brian. I do not know Oh, that's really west. Watching it said about said. At the time of Jesus and There's a or we called Brian. who gets taken up as the Messiah quite said against his will and. But. There's a revolutionary groups at the time and The Judean, popular, fronts and an innocent somebody meets the Judean Popular You Jin Popular Fronts and says no that splitters where the Judean Popular People's Front. And so. So yeah, you can find A. diatribes within mastic writings against other NOSTITZ and. That's. One of the things that makes him interesting that there was a wide variety of beliefs and explanations in every. Gospel caustic writing has a different take on. The Bus Dick Myth and How you view the world how you should view scripture. How The human being is. Made, up. Body Soul Spirit, or is it just Did you have different kinds of so all that kind of stuff. The what part the interesting? Side Narcissism. It never. Well I I can actually get. On saying this is nick section some exceptions, but it never really became. A valid mainstream religion, so it never had to deal. With. Finding criticism. Yeah Yeah, I agree absolutely so we can work this in in my next question What got you into this type of research and this line research? Because obviously ESOTERICA. It's not for everybody. Me Even I was taught. I was having an episode. Yesterday. And it seems that these last. Four episodes that I've done have all been heretical and I'm I'm all heresy doubt and. I'm hoping to to take a little break after this from you know Harris and talk about different subjects has again it's it's a lot of information I'm taking in, and it's blowing my mind I actually did an episode yesterday with Alex Rivera. Which I'm sure you're familiar with and. We talked to bought a lot. A lot of things and I was like man. At the end of the day, my issue with it all is. You know what is what? Are. We can't all be right. And again I'm not saying I believe all of it. You know you have these people have conversation than I can respect different beliefs. You can tell me you believe something you can tell me. The Earth is flat, and all agree to disagree and I'll respect your beliefs for that, but I want attack you, but I've had. Conversations with people where? they want to attack me. They ask me Oh. You know what's your podcast on Bar I'm kind of hesitant, sometimes that because my podcast is in just about Essel Tirico, other subjects as well but obviously there's there's a there's an audience for everything. It's not going to resonate with everyone and I. Feel that when they come across these episodes, I'm putting out you know every now and again about the theology and Abou- heretical things. They're gonNA look at me differently, but at the same time you know it's, it's the information is there and if you don't learn your history? They. Say you know you're bound to repeat it and. It's very fascinating to me but back to the question. What got you into this type of research? And how did you start? And when did you start? Because I know you've put a lot of hours into this? Yeah well. Last at South. A got into into that through Go Jeff were which is a vast terraces? In the the. Severity trying to essentially. and there was a a writer and teacher called a Morris Nickel. Who was he was of? It's sort of a Scottish background, so to all intents and purposes kind of pushing man Who? Cover trying to think when his phone at probably end of the nineteenth century, I mean he was in the first World War and He was a pupil of young actually, and then he got involved with Jeff I've to spend ski who was Jeff's. Chief pupils. Rights NS TARA system own right as well and he. Wrote Two votes called the new man in the mark, which gave Esoteric Interpretations of the Gospels, and so I find this really fascinating and. You know have a Christian background, but it wasn't very intensive When I was about ten years old kind of refuse to get confirmed into the church at wiles. Go to this Baptist Church a little bit then. gave up with that as well so and the UK is a really secular place you know and. Most by. School friends? would be atheists. But I! I simply keen on churches, but still you know and. I could see that something bad bible. and. So so I was very interested in this territory station of the Gospels and then I. I can't imagine that okay. I could read two books. About the. Scholarship of the New Testament old about either in general or about. Historical Jesus Gotcha kind of handle on it. and. You know it's like a bottomless pits It's a wormhole it is. So and it was A. This was. The end of the nineties when the Internet was really taking over, and you have these amazing email discussion groups. That were filled with the you know the scholars. and. New Testament scholarship and at the things. The subjects.

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