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Three zero four WTO P that's 8 6 6 three zero four and 9 8 6 7 married to WTF traffic Well let's get our forecast now from storm team force Lauren ricketts Good news is it's not as breezy as yesterday Another piece of good news more sunshine heading right on into the late afternoon Temperatures are going to be topping out in the upper 40s and lower 50s today And again more sunshine through the afternoon compared to what we had earlier this morning Now we're in the 20s and 30s overnight and then we're back around 50° tomorrow with clouds increasing throughout the day We'll have some late rain showers tomorrow night And again it's just going to be light but they're going to be gone by Thursday Thursday is warm Low to mid 60s Now it's windy as well but wins are going to be out of the south So it's going to feel nice But we'll see gusts up to about 30 miles an hour on your Thursday with partly sunny skies Friday still a little breezy temperatures up for 50s partly sunny and we stay with a mix of southern clowns on Saturday temperatures low to mid 50 Some storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts 40° in Germantown it is 42 in annandale and 41 in northwest Washington Partly sunny skies brought to you by dulles glass For all your glass mirror and shower door needs Visit dellis glass dot com Della's class love your glass It's 1151 witness testimony continues at this hour in Ghislaine Maxwell's sex abuse trial a longtime pilot for Jeffrey Epstein is on the stand again this morning He's calling Maxwell the number two in the hierarchy.

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