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Your first order at macworld and dot com promo code tramp but only until the end of the month macworld and dot com promo code try and above average temperatures continuing fifty nine degrees yesterday afternoon the averages forty seven today in the sixties now the record for today is seventy seven settlers near record warmth still sunshine sixty eight tonight some clouds fifty two city suburbs a little cooler tomorrow slight chance of showers sixty two Wednesday considering cloudy fifty five I'm meteorologist restricted from the weather channel seven ten W. OR five forty eight is our time right now it's good to sports wins for our local basketball teams the Knicks beat Detroit ninety six eighty four and the nets over the bulls one ten to one oh seven two wins in a row now for the nets hi checking Wall Street is gonna be a rough day today the futures all pointing to a five percent drop across the board Dow futures down about five percent same for nasdaq and the S. and P. futures also go overseas this morning the footsie London back to Germany each down more than five percent in trading this morning Japanese Nikkei index down five percent so that must be the number five percent today all the oil stocks are sharply lower for example the Devon energy down about twenty three percent Occidental petroleum down twenty and marathon oil down about twenty percent and the early trading as well so buckle up well for the last nineteen years since nine eleven the public has been told to see something and say something well the FBI says the public is saying but not saying and they point to that attack on a kosher market in Jersey city three months ago or they opened fire at a kosher market in Jersey city the suspects were open about their hatred people saw the subject they knew they were angry they knew they were hate filled they knew they were anti semitic.

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