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On terrible could you make sure my colleague i don't know what's wrong it will the starter will turnover could you just started up that's when you were mean to intern i would never do that today that's why we don't have you don't have any interns that's why you'll i'm still do it and are also when the tables were turned where i used to get their super early yeah and you were last right now we've just reverse that every leader fron completely different and that's where danny rana due to use to also do his car oggi where he would drive down the corkscrew parking garage with a listener in the cars singing a saw right and it would always be really 'cause they end up screaming because he was frasier scary drive i'm mitzi i love the john hancock center what if you had to rake the buildings in terms of height a you've already said that the heck is your favorite overall look wise it's gorgeous it's the what tallest building in chicago what number tallest third or fourth the fourth i thought it was the second get sears sinoe you care called sears anymore i am i am i still seek must park two against the law no you're going to go to jail it it's not even there right yeah well the late is the home plate is that still there yeah or universe when you walk in no can stand and take a picture alert late was at comiskey oh absolutely do that i didn't know there was still an option uh so sears is now willis now white sox park is now chico bales bonn stating all it isn't what is it karn adrian teed rate what's chicoms veiled by this from bed news bear the air routes to john hancock center will not be known as the hancock anymore the skyscrapers a namesake company john hancock insurance put your john hancock on that i advocate john hancock iud john handbag both the last line of everett it rhymed with an kaganda as rides with and car has not had offices in the.

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