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Of. Got Created. Deploying to the clouds should be simple. You shouldn't feel locked in N. Your cloud provider should offer you customer support twenty four hours a day seven days a week because you might be up in the middle of the night trying to figure out why or applications having errors and your cloud providers support team should be there to help you. La- node is a simple efficient cloud provider with excellent customer support and today you can get twenty dollars in free credit by going to Leno Dot com slash se daily and signing up with code. Se Daily. Twenty nineteen. Will Not has been offering hosting for sixteen years and the roots of the company are in its name winnowed gives you Lennox nodes at an affordable price with security high availability and customer. Service. You can get twenty dollars in free credit by going to. Leno. Dot. COM Slash Se daily signing up with Code Se daily twenty. Nineteen. And get your application deployed to Leonod. Leonard makes it easy to deploy and scale those applications with high apptime. You've got features like backups and node balancers to give you additional tooling when you need it. And of course, you can get free credits of twenty dollars by going to Leno Dot com slash save daily entering code se daily. Twenty nineteen thanks for Supporting Software Engineering Daily and.

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