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To another episode of alice. Greg what are you doing here. Hey what do you mean alison. Where'd you come from brag. I came from the world of childish. And i just wanna make sure that your listeners know bet year just is wonderful on the on the podcast you. What if they don't have kids donate donate a lot of our listeners. Actually tell us they don't have kids. We talk about sex. We talk about all sorts of dirty stuff but also parenting. Yeah so the checkout childish new episodes every wednesday wherever you listen to podcasts best. Hey everyone hi hello. Welcome to another episode of alison. Rosen is your new best friend. I'm very excited about my guest today. She is a licensed therapist. And a very prolific youtuber. She has over a million subscribers. She's done we'll find out but like thousands of videos she's also the author of are you. Okay a guide for carrying about your mental health and she hosts to podcasts. Ask katie anything. Which i have been on and opinions that don't matter it's katie morton. Hello welcome hello. Thanks for having me. I'm excited to be here. I'm excited to have you on the show So as i was saying i was a guest on your podcast and we answered questions and talked about a bunch of stuff. But i i feel like i don't know your back story at all and i'm so curious how what drew you to mental health. And what drew you to make youtube videos. And all of that. But i the question that i had mentioned. How many have you done. Oh god probably fifteen hundred. Wow something like that. maybe more someone else. Might you know if you're counting podcasts. Than you know it starts to grow exponentially right on my katie morton channel. I would guess around fifteen hundred. I feel like what you do is very special.

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