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Jeremy Foster with three things you need to know. Right now, Three Valley bars have had their liquor licenses indefinitely suspended by the state will talk more about that coming up next. Oregon State police will return to Portland to help local authorities after the fatal shooting of a man following clashes between President Trump's supporters and black lives matter. Protesters over the weekend protest in Portland had been going on for nearly 100 days. It's being called the cove. It twitched. Doctors in Arizona say they're seeing Mohr and Mohr young students experiencing the twitch because of increased time in front of a computer screen. And how long they're studying from home. We'll have more on this story coming up at 5 30. You're never more than 15 minutes away from today's top stories on Arizona's new station, Our News Corona virus in Arizona. I don't know if they got down, but they got shut down. Yeah, we're talking about allegedly violating health requirements. Oldtown Scottsdale bars bottled blonde cost amigos ordered closed. On Friday by the Arizona Department of Health Services have their liquor license is suspended by the Arizona Department off liquor licenses and control will be working with local enforcement. Tio make certain that guidelines air being followed didn't even have to work with local enforcement. They're both state agencies is what we're talking about it yesterday, Same thing happened to glow shots and cocktails on Mill Avenue in Tempe. Senior news reporter Jim Cross joins us live this morning to tell us about what the bars did to get shut down. We don't know specifically about what happened at the Tempe bar, but we did get a list of the details in Scottsdale region. Yeah State was pretty clear about the old town Scottsdale bars. Ah, determined them to be in violation of social distancing, masking dancing, standing and table occupancy, limited adaptations. Sunday again glow shots and cocktails That's on millet, Tempe. Ah, third Barto have its liquor license and definitely suspended in the valley that we're aware of no exact reason given yet. For that closure by the state beyond that, instead of had reason to believe the bar was violating its at a station and jeopardizing the health, safety and welfare of the public. Yeah, And I know the Department of Liquor set out of sent out a press release along with along the department health Services, and they say they're detect. Detectives are going to continue to enforce public health orders. Take immediate actions against licenses who are observed showing general disregard for the welfare and safety of others. So they're ah, they're going to continue to prowl around. Look for this stuff. Yeah, they're enforcement. The governor and state health director been pretty clear about that. You know, again late last week, Nine of the state's 15 counties, including Pepe. Are allowed to have the bars of serve food reopened, were not aware As of right now, anything in the state of the county or otherwise, as faras liquor license violations, covert 19 benchmark violations so on and so forth. A zone this morning right now. It seems to be limited to the three here. America up, Accounting. Yeah, I'm gonna take. I'm going to take a big leap here, Jim, And I'm gonna assume that you've only ever gone into cowboy bars You don't like hang out at that dance clubs. Jim, I'm just just taking a guess You've given it up. I'm trying to cut down on the dance clubs. Yeah, I can't do it. Not even the boot scootin boogie. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. I don't even attempted anymore. Yes. So you know, I think for a lot of us, it's like, Yeah, well, don't go to these places. And you know what's the big deal? But you know these places that's what they They rely on. They rely on that kind of clientele to make money and it's going to be it's It's a slippery slope, I guess haven't having enough people in to make money, but having keeping them distanced enough To, you know, follow the rules and keeping them not distance enough to make them want to come back, I guess. Yeah, And there's no question I mean, you know, bars, nightclubs have really taken a hit. Economic Leo. You know, during this covert 19 pandemic, they're really struggling. Along with a lot of other businesses that have just now been allowed to reopen. But again this suspension of the license or ah, Liquor license. I should say no timetable on when it might end. Ah, what the places have to do to get back on the good side of the state. All right, Thanks a lot. Jim crossed, joining us this morning talking about those two tempi bars and that one Tempe bar that was closed to Scottsdale and one Tempe bar should say, by the way, the one in Tempe glow shots and cocktails responded all this on their instagram page with a video. It appeared to show the interior of the bar and it said the liquor board shut me down for this 25% occupancy with food 10 people standing is what did it by the way I look, I went to go look at that Instagram post and it has been taken down, so I don't know what exactly, it showed, but that's what they're claiming, is that they were following the rules, and they still got shut down anyway. 5 19 now and time for a check Traffic with Danny Sullivan, who is in the Valley Chevy dealers. Traffic Center. You've got this accident on I 17 at South found and it's right in that ramp that leads from my 17 South bound east found 10. And it is right that stack transition crews were able to move it all off to the right hand side of the freeway. But you do have a little bit of slow and go in the area. Also plenty of slow and go. I 17 South bound 19th Avenue towards seven street, and you do have some flooding on state route, too. 38. It's going to be just west of state route. 3 47 the support It's brought to you by online trading academy Phoenix You work hard for your money. Learn how to make your money work harder for you. Tune in to.

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