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S. product JB Holmes for under through sixteen holes or in the first round of the open Rory McElroy start in his native Northern Ireland couldn't gone much worse we went into the tournament as the favorite to win the one or two forty eight British open it is T. shot on the first hole out of bounds hit a woman cracked the screen of her mobile phone in her pocket he took a quadruple bogey eight on the first hole par four four to twenty one yard Rory McElroy with an inauspicious start around one of the British open NFL news three navy goshi ation session was on the schedule for the league and the NFLPA and it ends after a single day according to ESPN but it's all good the NFL and the association said in a joint statement today's meeting was productive constructive and beneficial for both sides meetings originally we're gonna go through Friday the yeah put it on the table for now thinking they've got more work to do will be back at the bargaining table on July twenty ninth in the league the falcons have reached a four year extension was star linebacker Dion Jones for years fifty seven million thirty four million guaranteed is a former second round pick from LSU Dion Jones Melvin Gordon contract impasses reached a week now and the charges running back says teammate to running backs around the league support him said he gave some teammates a heads up you threaten to hold out says they're all behind me they've got my back and the Bisons homestand continues tonight their own tonight at seven o'clock against the Charlotte knights final game of their four game series right in a pitcher Sean Reid Foley puts his three and three record on the mound for the Bisons again Charlotte tonight that's the update from one bills drive John Murphy and Tyler done here in studio with us in place of Steve Tasker Steve will be back on Monday happy to have you with us in the audience happen ever next guest on the line with doctor before way back in January he is the executive director of the Reese's senior bowl ESPN NFL draft analyst spent eighteen years in the NFL as a scout with teams like the patriots in the US Seattle Seahawks happy to have Jim Nikki on the line with us hello Jim John Murphy in Tyler done up here in buffalo thank you for joining us today yeah yeah John into our third friend me on it at work we've got a lot to talk about I want to start with the the concept that I think it's been going on for a couple years now scalp school for former NFL players that you run at the senior bowl tell me what that's all about you just finish it up a couple weeks ago right yeah we sure did beginning in June so bill bill savage my credit that third senior ball who's now with the jets he started this about four five years ago and I was living in mobile the time out for the Seahawks and he'd have me come down and speak in and really it what it drew a lot of guys that were working at the college level on the guy on the recruiting sided thing and I just thought you know during my time in the NFL I didn't bring enough former player you know it really minorities getting into those in the profession and so I wanted to create something where where you know really start that pipeline included here we we we stuck with the same concept but just open it up to a former player and it was great you know we had we had fifteen guys come down like the reached out today and Morgan is a good friend of mine that worked up there above board to build on to come down and speak but he had something going on and what the end up bringing back you brought your man I fell network or the college go out for a long time and not think him Kerry who is that the protractor in Kansas city and a good couple days you know trying to educate the players on on what that next phase of their life could look like because again autumn get done playing and they are a lot of big coaching a lot think broadcasting but whatever reason a lot don't think the personnel side of the front office that run off the track though just just trying to help out there and and you know hopefully if I got the great that pipeline a great to chat with you Jim thanks for coming on first off how many points do you have I am I right lifeline platinum elite well what yeah when I technically in Europe okay got that in eighteen years I looked on my merry up profile I'd been in Europe then merry out hotels over nine of those year although when people ask me why I you know I I jumped at the senior bowl job right I can just kind of point that my merry up profile yeah I'm late and they can't take it away like I'll be on the top two percent of the will of the merry out people and I got that I got that for life now mags I imagine that's that's probably the eye opener for these these players right though the lifestyle because he's got to give us a a look into the life of a scout that I mean I think maybe a lot of folks don't really understand just the commitment that really goes into this profession it's unlike anything yeah not real glamorous you know I I think a lot of people do and again working at bell is great don't get me wrong but it is a lot of back to fight but again I you know I knew I wanted to tell the time I was a little kid but when you think about it you're thinking about it through you know I a twelve year old dies or an eighteen year old died and then in college but you don't really think of it your in your forties and you have a wife and two kids then you're you're gone all the time and so there is a lot of sacrifice involved in it and again you you know you're in a lot of court yard in Fairfield then you know typically are out for a couple weeks at a time at home for two or three days and and that's gonna your cycle through the fall and then not you know there in January the all star circuit in in February combine in marking pro days and you know April it laid up for the draft so it's a it's a hectic your with your long schedule if you prefer you that we are you know do you love what you do and I hate to tell you you definitely love what you do because if you didn't know it would be worth doing yeah I would yeah I was gonna say I would think that that that schedule that lifestyle might turn off some former players right I mean they might not be interested in being this guy when they hear about that yeah in the end early that depends on really how long they played and how much money to put away because again I I know what I know if I played you know but you're the lake and I had a night not that I don't know if I do either but well why a lot of got a lot of former players tend to more go on the pro side of things so that the travel and in that it is the last far left actually then you know you're in the building so those guys are used to being around it and and you know if you have your approach got like Dan Morgan came up on the pro side and not those jobs are are labor intensive as well don't get me wrong I mean there are there in the office you know late late late at night a lot of night the week but yeah the pain in your car driving around the country that you don't have many former players on the college side exist gonna say like bashing your body's for you know years and years I mean these guys are probably ready to settle down with their faith is a little bit and it get into a more you know regular schedules that kind of maybe the the big leap that former players have to have to make to become scouts and on the flip side you know what kind of advantage does a former player really have as a scout yeah I I think you're right I think that yeah I think there's an assumption on the team from the team's perspective a lot of that you know you've got to play in their youth that living a certain lifestyle now will they you know drop down and take the money all take to you know except the money they don't take the big become a entry level out and work your way up and that's why you know my head so I talked to the guy like Dan is not only did he play in the league I want you one of the best players in the league you know a first round pick and a one year when I was working for the patriots we played the the Panthers in the Superbowl and Dan at twenty three tackles in that game and that date that they won the game you probably would have been the MVP and thank you know entry level pro scouting gig and now working its way up from the bottom so you always have a con respect for Dan for doing that but you know the one advantage I would say that they you know one of the advantages that that you know that they've been around the game they know that sacrifice the take the like if you were a former player in your atomic college died a thing wanted it you know the grind that those kids are put down I mean it's really easy for people that ever played at the back in and be critical of of of college player at the time that you know the whole talk about them being paid or not would you really understand what these kids in the sacrifice we're making a specially if you you know what the big time football programs it's a lot it's a lot in you know it so you know they've all been there and then when you get down after the draft did you get into the whole you know really the only element a recruiting in in in the NFL is when you recruit those on draft you college free agent and those guys can end up I mean in Seattle with Doug Baldwin Gabaldon was not drafted great and sometimes those guys really make your roster and you have to be a former player I think you know it's easy for those guys make those relationships sometimes though I think a lot of benefit in it I hope that I hope we can start making tried with the scouts go the gym we're talking about a little bit about Dan Morgan the bills discount now and I had a conversation with him about those early days in Seattle in fact I read I know where we were we were in mobile at the senior bowl back in January and it struck me then out there's a certain selflessness that they eat you have to have when you get started right and what he was fortunate coming off the the field as a player yet obviously some money didn't have to make money right away but you also have to be ready to kind of surrender your ego and take people to the airport as you said and and do all the you know grab coffee for the other scouts it didn't seem to bother me you almost intuitively knew that that's what he was going to have to do it first to get into that business on yeah there's no doubt I mean you you you come in at that level and you are you're doing a lot of the cortical menial tasks but it but it again that for I think players understand that because even if the player yeah you know it's not your first drawing pad protector not picking you're coming in with a little fanfare I mean although drug you start at the bottom you know what the humbling builder to come in as a rookie and it doesn't take place of much of the year through with the hazing in anything I do you know anything to do that anymore but there's still a little pick up you know but I think I'd pass up the practice field and bringing donuts you know did it your position meeting you know every day so I mean they start at the bottom of that local they know but it is that the lot I got I got a check you go it again if if you're getting into doubting that they get from glamour thing you know you're you're barking up the wrong tree because you know it did it it's really not about that again you got a good you don't want credit right I mean if they're out there all group up with when you make graphic three thank reagent that really a group effort though I think I think where it would appeal to a former player that they're all used to being part of a team and they're all used to have a knack for broader yet the of being around the guys and if you work.

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