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Ten thirty. Then I heart radio station. Sixty seven degrees, mostly cloudy. Very windy right now in Boston at two thirty great to have you with us on this marathon Monday. Good afternoon, MTV gal. Here's what's happening. We'll catch the marathon. In just a moment here on WBZ Boston. But first an enormous fire breaks out in Paris than Notre Dame cathedral. Here's an update from CBS CBS news special report as the sun sets on what had been a beautiful day in Paris. The city of lights is being eliminated by flames shooting from the roof of the iconic ethereal of Notre Dom SS, Elaine Cobb is in Paris. She reports that fire seemingly began on the roof where scaffolding and been set off the cold really rapidly the flame, tune developed into a massive blaze. The wooden structure all what has helped is go down so quickly and the staple spire has just come up. There's thirteen century. Would in there. Well because he has been under renovation. So a lot of a lot of materials and a lot of equipment in the church. Well, then looking in live pictures one can see the exposed in burning interior rafters of the Notre Dame cathedral is fire continues to burn out of control in that twelfth century building. CBS news special reports, I'm Bill Rakoff Tina, keep it tuned here. WBZ radio in Boston for continuing coverage of this developing story out of Paris more than thirty thousand runners from one hundred eighteen countries are converging here. In Boston today for the one hundred twenty third running of the Boston marathon WBZ's Chris foam is out the finish line. There was another banner day on boylston street with the Rainsy's falling just in time to allow worm class b to throw the crowds, which once again showed up in voluminous and appreciative fashion Daniel Roman..

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