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Been tested only one has been confirmed positive influence at surveillance coordinator in the bureau of communicable diseases Tom hopped one of the reasons were most concerned as this is a new virus and it's still in the very early stages of the investigation we want people to be aware of the situation just in case it starts getting significantly worse in United States so we want people to really be aware of what's going on but also be aware that the risk is very low these officials reminding everybody wash your hands cover your cough get a flu shot to protect yourself and others during the season what's it like to be stuck in a cruise ship because of the corona virus quarantine Matthew Smith and his wife Catherine from Sacramento there'd been on the diamond princess now for twenty five days docked with other Corentin passengers in Yokohama Japan so far neither have shown any symptoms and they don't think they will all the cases that have been identified up the mail can be attributed to pre quarantine exposure there's no solid argument for saying that anyone has been exposed the quarantine was imposed the to expect to give the all clear to be able to disembark in four days shore what village president Alison rose like running into trouble in west Allis the journal Sentinel reporting rose like has had run ins with west Dallas police at least twice the last on January thirty first officers called the home of her ex boyfriend where she was reportedly drunk and refusing to leave the property or is it also reportedly has spent much of the past year living in a home in west Allis not insure what she's been the village president since April of twenty eighteen rose it was absent from shore with last village board meeting and so far has not been able to be reached for comment former White House chief of staff John Kelly attacking his former boss of the vent Wednesday his criticism including trumps treatment of a key impeachment witness lieutenant colonel Alexander villain who is just taken out of the house in reserve reassigned after his testimony in trump's impeachment case forgiveness staff John Kelly really blasting the president for the manner in which he treated a lieutenant colonel vend men and others and taking on the president's judgment essentially on that the president firing back with a scornful tweet but he is cleaning house here a lot of people think you're disloyal are going is bring back loyalists like whole picks one of his most trusted confidante BBC news senior national correspondent Terry Moran coming up it's Valentine's day and floors are happy WTMJ news time is eight oh five the state's number one car guy Jim Griffin talks K. candidly with John Berkshire if I was looking him to buy a station wagon where should I go only to an autumn using China station wagons when we grew up they had four sixty V. eight they got ten miles to the gallon now if you need a station wagon for a family or to pull boats you go into an S. U. V. and those crossovers that you offered the Griffin dealerships are so sweet wire cross over so popular well first of all they're billed on a car platform but they're built like a truck sounds like something really made for Wisconsin and our lifestyle here they're unbelievable they just peril right through the snow and this summer you can haul your stuff you can haul stuff you put those seats down most of the seats fold right into the floor visit Griffin Ford Waukesha Griffin Chevy in Griffin help Milwaukee Griffin Ford Lincoln fort Atkinson or Griffin Chrysler Dodge jeep ram in Jefferson having the right amount of risk in your portfolio is such a critical and personal decision this is Tony Drake from Drake and associates we don't believe in cookie cutter strategies your retirement portfolio should be as.

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