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The medical offices in Las Vegas I'm Jim group for ten ten wins meantime the president tweeting about Bernie Sanders before the Cox's repeating reports a U. S. and tell Intel believes Russia's meddling on behalf of Sanders campaign of course the same Intel says Russia also interfering in the favor of the president California congressman Adam Schiff responded accusing the president not doing anything to stop Russian election meddling the president continues to claim the alleged Russian interference on his behalf as a hoax Sanders responded quite differently on Friday instead warning Russia to step out of American elections former presidential candidate turned Bernie backer mayor de Blasio advice for Pete booted judge following the Caucasus not pretty to eating a blunt message to mayor Pete quote try not to be so smug when just got your blank kicked course didn't use blank but a judge concluded judge spoke last night after Sanders was projected the winner in Nevada saying that the self described democratic socialist is too extreme to beat the president come November next contest South Carolina primary next Saturday wins news time to twenty four president's day tweet from former president Obama apparently still is not sitting well with the current occupant of the White House Obama posted that the holiday was also the eleventh anniversary of the recovery act passed while he was president adding that the economic stimulus measure pave the way for quote more than a decade of economic growth along the streak of job creation in American history the president responded we are already stuffed.

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